The Art Divine


Asked, was I, by a woman divine

If I got a bag of riches, would that solely be mine?

Leaving me to retrospect where I’d like

To see myself ten years later in life’s hike.


I had no answer to give her right then,

But that became a question that haunted me when

I resigned to bed every night

Not knowing how I’d face life’s plight.


Above all, what I feared the most

Was meeting that selfish past – my ghost

That’d ask me to keep the gold for myself

To delve in a luxury that many can’t afford themselves.


But a deeper voice spoke into my mind,

Guiding me towards the direction where I’d find

The antidote to shun my fearful compulsion,

That’d make me embrace my faithful emotion.


I met her at a coffee shop later that week,

Letting her read my mind to get the answer she seeks –

If I earn enough riches out of the blue moon,

I’d open up a homely school by the peaceful lagoon.


With a glint of recognition in her eyes,

She asked where the reason behind my decision lies.

Evoking my emotions from deep within my heart,

I said I’d help my students discover the beauty of art –


An art that’d help them know who they really are,

An art that’d guide them to their goal no matter how far,

An art that’d make them think and transform thoughts into actions,

An art that’d give them the power of introspection.


Mastering the art they’d become fearless

At choosing the right over the wrong nevertheless.

And, surely, the world would become a better place

Where people will, once again, the lost love, embrace…


With a twinkle of tear in her eyes profound,

She smiled at my selfless voice echoing all around,

Saying that I’d finally master the art divine,

And, now, I was ready to make the riches mine…












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