Gear Up to Travel Solo!


Travelling is neither a leisure nor a passion; to some, it is the addiction that gives them the zeal to survive. Travelling opens up a new world behind the fading horizon. It gives you the opportunity of praising and experiencing the unnerving beauty that lingers in the air around the world. In short, it is nothing less than heaven!

If you can associate with this scenario, you must be yet another travel freak who simply grabs an opportunity that can be used to explore the path less travelled. However, what if your loved ones refuse to drain out their energy to explore the world with you? What if you are all alone? Does that mean you will give up your aspirations? Absolutely not!

Travelling solo is the latest trend that people are undertaking every corner of the world. After all, when you can travel solo, you don’t have to wait for your friends to pool in money for a grand bachelor trip, right? However, travelling solo, again, is not a piece of cake. There are few things that might try to weigh your enthusiasm down when you are travelling solo.

  • Meeting the Expenses: If you are travelling alone, the expenses would automatically increase. You might have to stay in a room with a double bed at a hotel, you might have to rent a car all for yourself or you might have to order food in a greater quantity and leave it unfinished. As a solo traveler, you have to ensure that you have enough money in your pocket before setting out for your trip.
  • Being Safe: You have to take care of your belongings all by yourself if you are a solo traveler. Even if you have to rush to the washroom at the airport or at the railway station, trusting a stranger would be your only way out. And, if you are a woman, you have to be extra cautious.
  • Feeling Homesick: When you see couples and families taking photographs together, no matter how excited you are, you are bound to feel lonely. Deep down in your subconscious mind, you will miss home and yearn to be with your loved ones soon.

Despite these issues, the freedom that you will enjoy as a solo traveler will encourage you to explore the world in a whole new way. The various cultures and traditions, the exquisite food, the humble people and the breathtaking scenery will compel you to become addicted to solo travelling so much that you will not feel afraid anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and book your tickets for this weekend because the road less travelled is expecting you.


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