Are You Concerned about a High Bounce Rate?


Bounce Rate refers to the number of people who navigate away from your website, that is, literally ‘bounce back’ after visiting just a single page of it.

Google Analytics that is referred to by most of the people all over the world portrays that a high Bounce Rate indicates that the website under consideration is not interesting enough to make the visitors linger to the other contents present on the website. Now, a high Bounce Rate does not necessarily indicate that the website is faring poorly if there is only a single page that requires scrolling down to view the other contents like in many blogs and others. However, in other cases, Bounce Rate is a matter of serious concern and, thus, it is necessary to analyze the reason behind the poor exposure of the various contents of a particular website under consideration and also the necessary steps required for the development of the same.

  • The Quality of Content: The major reason why a website might fare poorly is because of the quality of the posts. If the posts are of no interest to the readers, navigating away from the website is definite. Thus, the contents have to be written in a way that maximum viewers are drawn to them out of curiosity.
  • Presentation: The outline of the website, the fonts and the indexing also draw traffic to a particular page. Thus, monotony has to be removed and customization must be applied in a way that the page looks catchy and vibrant, and, the font is legible.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are an essential source of making sure that the visitors stay on a page for a longer time. Instead of luring them to a monetizing form, they must be made to find the backlinks interesting enough to visit the targeted website again and again.

Thus, Bounce Rate, which is a matter of concern, has to be reduced as much as possible by designing the website in a user-friendly manner and posting content that attracts the attention of the readers.


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