The Triple Cry


A fearful cry escaped my burning throat,

The memories of the past evoked

An agony that made me row a sinking boat,

Knowing well, I’d drown and get choked.


The colourful dreams shattered when I heard –

The wretched eyes could no longer hold back

The fiery tears that confined me as a caged bird,

And I wondered what else I lacked.


She was beautiful, no doubt about the same,

But I was no less, even though the brutal beatings

Had permanently made me a bitch so tamed

That I had no individuality remaining.


I was his first wife but not the last

‘Cause being a man meant freedom –

A freedom so devastating like a bomb blast,

That I was left and tagged as boredom.


I love him even today, but I know not why

The rage within me grows,

I was his wife, and no matter how shy,

It was time to use my weapon – sorrow.


The three words – Talaq, Talaq, Talaq,

Gave him the mirth of heaven

In the male dominated world of fearful barks,

While showing me closed doors at twenty-seven.


I became a haggard in the eyes of the crowd

Who knew not my pain, yet blamed my morality,

And prepared me day by day to have lain under the shroud,

So that, I could close my eyes and end this reality.


Yes, I am a Muslim woman, and,

I respect my faith come what may,

But, I do not support the cruel traditions

That has brought an end to my life today.


But I know my sisters will have a reason to smile,

For the three deadly words would haunt them no more,

As they find love in their married life while

The law protects them from the unbearable pain I bore…






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