Meet Kavita Panyam – The Voice Behind Musings on Life!


Kavita Panyam is known for her blog, Musings on Life, not only all over India but all over the world as well. She has been inspiring everyone with her well-structured blog posts and her hard work has indeed paid off well. Not only has she gained an engaging audience but also a number of prestigious awards. She is only the person who has inspired the creation of StarWords India. Hence, we are ever grateful towards her for her constant support. We also thank her for taking out her invaluable time to interact with our readers through a special interview. Read on to discover her wonderful personality.


  1. Define WRITING in three words.

Sacrosanct Life craft.


  1. From the Topper of the State in your Board Examination to a Successful Blogger, how has the journey been so far?

It was a dream come true when I topped my school and City in my senior secondary school boards! I learned that there is no substitute for hard work. My father had been posted to a city where there were no Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central School) and I had joined this new school in a different city in the month of September. The books were different and the syllabus was nearing completion. I studied for 18 hours a day to achieve my goal. Another learning had been that, when you love what you do, it all seems effortless. Even today when I need motivation, all I have to do is feel that moment in my mind and heart and I am all set to take on challenges. Writing has been an integral part of my life since my school days.I remember penning poems on my teachers, best friends, and life situations. When my posts on a social networking site began to garner sufficient attention, a friend suggested that I start a blog to pen my thoughts and that is how Musings On Life was born in January 2015. Blogging is akin to performing live in front of an audience. The first few posts were shaky but I stuck on and managed to build an audience in the blogging world. Then I went on to win several reputed blogger contests hosted by leading blogging platforms in India. I believe that knowledge is God and learning, my devotion. I am happy with my progress and am excited to share that my blog is getting a makeover after 2 and a half years of its birth.



  1. Every writer remembers a book that opens up a new world to them; which one is yours?

I am a voracious reader and boast of a well-stocked home library holding more than 600 books. One author that has changed my life is Esther Hicks. Teachings of Abraham are so clearly stated and when you follow them diligently, there is no stopping you. You can achieve anything that you intend to have. The book ” Ask And It Is Given” is my all time favourite and stays with me at all times.



  1. Which author has inspired you the most?

There have been many authors that have inspired me at different phases of my life. One author that I cherish has to be Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. When you follow what they say, you always end up with another way.



  1. What makes a good writer – skill or experience?

A good writer has to be well read. This is an undisputed fact. Having said that, it is also true that experience betters your skill. A skill can always be learned but in order for it to get polished and shine, the number of pieces you write also matters big time.



  1. What is that one inanimate object that you cannot live without and why is it so?

Books!! I need to have books with me all the time. You will find books all around my house, in my bag when I am traveling as well. I sleep with my favourite books by my bedside. I have to see them the moment I wake up and have to read before I sleep.



  1. Your blog, Musings on Life, is loved by all of us. What is the essence of your blog to you?

Thank you, for your kind words about my blog ” Musings On Life.” I have always been an empath. As a child, whenever I saw frictions, disputes, fallouts, suicides and other life changing issues, I found myself wanting to go up and talk to the families to understand the reason behind the actions. I studied to become a counseling psychologist. The various cases that came my way strengthened my resolve to reach more people and that is how my blog “ Musings On Life” was born in January 2015! The aim of my blog is to reach maximum people so that they can benefit from the posts. Two major events of my life ( I lost my dad and only brother) fuelled this goal even more. If I can make a difference in even one life, the goal of my blog would be achieved.



  1. Most of the students complain that their parents do not allow them to become a writer because of the risks involved; have you faced this scenario before? How should the students cope up with this?

Traditional career options have always ruled the roost in our country. Contemporary courses of studies are now being offered in schools and colleges and it won’t be long before they are chosen without raising the society’s eyebrows. Students opting for these courses would then be able to manage to live their dreams without being victims of eye-rolls. Yes, I do come across such cases and the only thing I tell them is to be prepared for anything. Hard work and years of toil, thrown in with satisfaction after each small achievement is of paramount importance. Also, they should be willing to start from scratch every time as each piece that a writer pens, has to be fresh and new.



  1. As a mentor, how would you like to inspire the budding writers and bloggers to make their debut?

I believe that knowledge is limitless and learning is continuous. Those that want to embark on this journey need to, first of all, fasten their seat belts as this journey can be bumpy as the roads might be uneven. As schools are now offering creative writing and communication skills in their syllabus, students can opt for this stream in their plus two and then take it further from there. This would shorten their journey considerably. Blogging is an exciting journey and a platform where you have live viewers that are likely to give you instant feedback. This being the case, posts must be planned well in advance and released as per schedule. Take care of every detail so that your readers fall in love with your blog and decide to stick on.



  1. Any take on StarWords India’s website and platform?

When a group of ambitious and hard working youngsters comes together to share their ideas, what do you find? A wonderful website like that is a treat to the readers. It is quite informative and diverse. Many freelancers can benefit out of this venture. I Wish the beautiful founder and the lovely team good luck. May the site touch greater heights in the times to come. God Bless.





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