A Life Lived Well


The biggest regrets of life are that it always ends with “I wish I had..”. While sitting on the rooftop in the dark nights, these sudden thoughts almost compelled me to write. All our lives we keep running behind success, jobs, money, higher positions and other tremendous sparks of lives. A majority of population achieves it too, we see some of them lose their friends, close ones & unfortunates’ who even lose their families, but the irony being everyone or the other misses these major part of their lives while running behind all these sparks, which are peace & satisfaction.

During his last time one never says I made this amount of money in my lifetime,nor do they think about the presentations they gave at international conferences rather they remember the happily lived childhood days & cherish the happily lived moments with their loved ones, saying that life is all about making memories & spreading love won’t be a right thing because one needs to be financially strong too.But everybody seems so lost in this race that today when we have forgotten the meaning of mental peace because everyone is so busy in running behind some of “temporarily happy giving the stuff. ” The irony being after all our these race of cat & mice we seem to be so upset with everything we do. A survey says a kid laughs for 4 hours in a day whereas an adult doesn’t laugh for full 4 minutes, it shows nothing but our dissatisfaction. Despite giving our 100% we are so depressed in our lives, there is something else that is lacking & maybe somewhere down the line it is our “way of living” that affects us.  Incorporating a  little change in our daily routine would make things so easy & better for us.

1)The 5 a.m. wake up challenge.
There needs to be some time of our own, to think & analyze what is actually happening around, are we leading the right path or there need to be some reformations. I can bet that hardly anyone of us possesses this habit of waking at 5 in the morning. Just try to bring your body out of its comfort zone & see the results.

2) Say no to your phone for a while.
Spend some time with people around you rather than virtual interactions. Trust me you would feel so good.

The best possible solution to bring your mind at ease is meditation, there can be nothing better than it.

So go on applying these little changes & see the difference.


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