It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed


Expectations,expectations & expectations! Keeping them high ruins everything. Yes, everything. The daughter didn’t speak to her parents for weeks just because they couldn’t get her favorite dress while coming back from some place, last night a friend of mine called me up explaining how she broke up, the reason being nothing but a minor conflict of thoughts or let me say their high expectations, which brought this eight years long relationship to an end.

Why do we keep expecting so much from others?

Okay, I would like to put forth a simple question here “say you were an average student back in your school & always aspired to achieve the first rank in your class, how many times did you actually succeed in getting the first position?”Hardly once or maybe never.
It was nothing but a part of your expectation from yourself.
Back then you wished to fly an airplane. Did you come up to your expectations this time too? Yet no, you hardly came over your expectations say for at most 2 to 3 three times, & with such a number how can you start expecting a different body to be it your mother, father or anybody else to complete your such high expectations?
Everyone has a completely different thought process within them, it isn’t necessary that someone else would think & react the same way you processed it in your mind.
It hardly takes a blink of eyes to ruin years’ long friendship or someone’s trust.Never let thoughts overtake your mind, it only hampers your capability & performance. Expectations will never make you a satisfied person it is better to feel surprised than to feel disappointed.

Make yourself adaptable with every situation, get habitual of handling all possible results. Learn to accept rather than expect, make yourself a new person, a better one each day. The best way to feel happy & satisfied is making others happy that feeling of contentment completes your purpose of doing that particular thing. Spread smile, spread happiness because anger & hatred are inevitable you don’t ever need to make an effort to welcome them, for life is too short you never what tomorrow brings to you. Just imagine this earth as a bag full of surprises & remember surprises doesn’t always make you happy. 


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