Meet Abhinav Jain – The Mastermind behind Winning Your Hearts with the WhatsApp Status!


It is not easy to build the largest community of WhatsApp lovers who crave for a perfect status. However, despite being a self-funded project, Abhinav Jain, along with his beautiful wife, Deepika Jain‘s support, made this possible. is that website where the members can upload unique statuses relevant for uploading on WhatsApp. This platform not only gives them an exposure to various niches but also gives them the opportunity to earn through their endeavour. Thus, Abhinav Jain definitely needs to be congratulated for creating this wonderful opportunity to every user of WhatsApp. Here’s what he has to say.


  1. is a unique platform where people can view and write impressive statuses. What made you start this venture?

Initially, even I was not aware that millions of people actually search for Status & Quotes online. Until one day I ran out of words and I wanted to wish Happy Birthday to my wife. So I searched online and found few blogs. On visiting these blogs I noticed that none of these blogs were updated since months and even years, which means all status were already used. I wanted something new and creative. That is the time when the idea to develop came in my mind. A website where anyone can find new status ideas every day. The issue was how that is possible. How can I have new status published on my website every day? It was not possible for me to write status every day by myself, so I decided to open website for anyone to join us and start writing WhatsApp status for us.


  1. Business ideas are best executed when they are not shared. Do you follow this same wise thought?

To a certain extent, yes, I do follow this wise thought, but I do share it with my very close network of people whom I trust as it is always better to have more than one brain on your side.


  1. How do you manage to get the funding?

This is my self-funded project. I am a Digital marketing expert and along with my Job I developed this project and funded it myself. It is tough otherwise.


  1. Since you run this venture, do your family and friends force you to write a status for them every now and then?

No, my family members do not force me to write status for them, in fact, I do not write status myself now. Initially, I used to write them but now we have 100000+ registered members who write Whatsapp Status for  


  1. Are you glued to the social networking sites?

Yes, absolutely. I am a Digital Marketing Expert with 10+ years of experience. It is my bread and butter. It is my passion.


  1. If you could buy a brand, which company’s share would you like to buy?

I would love to buy a share of WhatsApp.


  1. As a growing entrepreneur, what is the next venture that you are planning to launch?

I am already working on WhatsApp CPC Ad Network and it will be much bigger then Hopefully, we will launch before December 2017.


  1. If you had to propose to a young lady, what would the instant WhatsApp status be in your case?

Well we have lots of Propose Whatsapp Status at and the best one out of them is “I have created a secret world for you in my heart – do you know that?” I would like to use it.


  1. How would you like to inspire the budding entrepreneurs?

First – Make your passion your profession you will enjoy every bit of it.

Second –  Do not give up. Even if things are not working still keep working one day you will find yourself on the top.


  1. Any take on StarWords India?

First thing which strikes me about StartWords India is their Interview Section. And, the second thing is your team of writers. Generally, most blogs lack both. If StarWordsIndia team will keep pushing it, they can become one of the top blogs in India. And these are the reasons I wanted to collaborate with the StarWords India Team. If StarWords India team needs any advice from me, I will be more than happy to provide them so.  


You must be inspired, aren’t you? So, why don’t you reach out to him at his social media addresses?




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