How can a horrifying experience in the holy Durga Pooja be a BLESSING?


A Multi-Day Fest

Durga Pooja is a multi – day festival celebrated by the Hindus and especially the Bengali community in India. This holy festival marks the tremendous victory of good over bad and the divine powers over the evil beasts. This festival is known for its blessings on the followers of Maa Durga. It is said that every lady has a hidden character of being ‘Durga’ or she is as powerful as Maa Durga herself. This blessed and powerful character comes into action when she encounters something unjustified or unacceptable against her beloved ones.

Having the same beliefs, I went to my bed and fell asleep with hundreds of plans for the upcoming days of Durga Pooja.

A frightening voice along with some screams of a female voice woke me up at 3:30 at night. Overwhelmed with fear and confusions, I ran towards our staircase and found nobody there. The voice was that much loud and weird that even in my sleep I could expect my entire family to be awake. But to my surprise, there was no one out in the hall.

With an increased fear and realization that I am alone- I could hardly move my steps closer to the stairs. The lights were off. I thought of switching on the lights but could not remember the position of the switches. This happened may be because of my fear.

With the fastened heart beats and while chanting the mantras, I rushed for switching on the lights. The moments got even more thrilling when I pressed the switches. Lights were still off. I tried those switches again and again but all went in vain.

I got frightened with goose- bumps when I realized that the fan was playing. This created the real terror in my heart when I realized that the fan could play but the lights couldn’t be switched on. The street bulb with yellow glowing light was literally adding chilling thrills into my veins.

Before I could realize the reasons and try to wake up anyone else to witness the same, the light suddenly started glowing.

I rushed to my bed, snuggled inside my sheet and closed my eyes really tight. Living those weird and scary moments made me lose all my sleepiness. I again started chanting the mantras for getting strength and courage, which literally helped me sleep.

Next day-

I woke up with no memories of the last night. I really didn’t remember anything about those terrifying moments until my mother asked- “Why did you come out of your room so late last night?

This gave me a hint as if she had also heard those voices. But on being asked, she simply refused. She as well as my rest of the family members didn’t hear any voices.

I felt like being a target of some negative powers. The day passed and the night came with that same terror again. The fear of last night’s incidents repeating themselves- was shaking me from within………………….

…….To be continued (with even more intensity)


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