Romantic Reflections…


In the solitude of the night, the lonely breeze caressed my face,

Waking me up from a dream unlived to an unrealistic world –

Where was I? My reddened eyes cried out making my heartbeat race

To the point where slumber overpowered my nightmarish whirl…


This isn’t the first time dark clouds embellished my staggering mind

For I have had my share of depression long ago,

This was unusual, a feeling that made me go blind

And oblivious to the piercing wind that blows…


This feeling that burns within my heart makes me insane

And thirsty every time his touch wakes me up from sleep.

Is this what they call love? Or is this that pain

That makes your melancholic heart instantly leap?


Then why does the piercing wind not change into a soothing breeze?

Why does his deep voice not speak the words of love and affection?

This isn’t mere friendship, but neither is this one of those feelings that seize

Your heart to make it a plethora of romantic reflections…



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