“I Cried, I Pleaded, I Said ‘No’, But Got Raped Indeed”


They aren’t moving now;

My hands are chained, I don’t know how –

How long have I been in this dark?


People don’t come near me anymore,

I couldn’t even creep on the floor!

Blood has all dried up over my skin.



I win over my desires

To touch the diamonds

And the unreachable roofs.


How long haven’t I seen the moon?

When I touch myself, it hurts

Like it is all happening again…


I am down to the earth and they’re all above me –

Touching me, pressing me, bumping me;

However, it has now ended

And somehow I have survived,

My soul has been craving to die

And I wonder why?


What I lose, was it really mine?


The pleasing moans weren’t my wine

I cried, I pleaded, I said, “No!”, but got raped indeed.


Once, twice, and then my whole Life

Could I live?  Could I hide?

I wish someone could hear my voice!

Not anymore as I am taking my last breath

And my mind is frozen,

My body motionless and blue,

I wish I had a clue…


I went to the park at night –

The next I saw were the lights unwhite!



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