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How would you react if you got to know that doing your favourite piece of ‘wastage of time’ could actually get you money? Sounds hilarious, right? Well, creativity does have its own ways to help you taste the fruit of labour. And, this is why Abhinav Jain had dedicatedly started the Whatsstatus website to help you earn and portray your creativity simultaneously.

Whatsstatus.com is a venture of its own kind that is already the proud owner of 100000+ registered members who write WhatsApp status daily. What had started as the collection of WhatsApp status has become one of the largest communities of WhatsApp users the world has ever witnessed.

However, why should you upload your status apart from showcasing how strong your vocabulary is? Well, it’s very simple. Why wouldn’t you do so when you are getting paid for it? Yes, you heard me right! For the first 200 approved status, you will be paid INR 1 per status. Henceforth, because you will gain experience and surely improve, you would receive INR 2 for every status that gets approved. And, don’t worry about the approval. Abhinav is very kind-hearted. So, as long as you do not copy someone else’s thoughts from anywhere and everywhere, your status will pass with flying colours.

Thus, Whatsstatus.com is the platform that you should use in order to prove how good you are with words. And, in case you are not conversant in English or have the strength to write in multiple languages, Whatsstatus.com would always welcome your contribution!

Enjoy writing the paid status henceforth and get to know the mastermind, Abhinav Jain, the CEO, by reading his interview with us HERE!


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