Meet Soumi Dutta – The Author in Love With Noddy!


It takes a lot of courage to ignore the societal trends and pursue your dream as a writer. Author Soumi Dutta is such a gem who does not fear the critics’ opinions. Keeping her head high and her determination unhindered, she has authored a unique novel, “A Pen in the Marshes” and a volume of poetry, “This Love of Mine“. Let’s see what this bold and beautiful author has in store for us.

  1. Which is the book that had introduced you to the world of fiction?

It is “Noddy Goes to Toyland” by Enid Blyton. Nowadays, I do not know if children even know about him. I would at least ask them to watch the television series “Make Way for Noddy”. I am sure they will love him!


  1. Which writer has inspired you the most?

It has to be Nabaneeta Dev Sen. Be it her poetry, her stories or her novels, she has been inspiring me from the moment I got introduced to her works.


  1. Do you think children should only read the good standard books in literature in order to develop their literary skills?

Depends on what you mean by good standard books. When I was young, I developed a reading habit with the help of children’s classics and I think that is the best way to introduce a child to the world of literature.


  1. Which is easier for you – composing a poem or writing a short story?

I would say a poem. Although I can only write when I am inspired, a poem comes to me more naturally and effortlessly.


  1. If your book, “A Pen in the Marshes” was screen played, which actor would you choose to play the role of the protagonist, Sreeja?

I would most definitely choose Alia Bhatt, as she is the perfect fit for the age bracket Sreeja falls in, and I am sure Alia can portray the strength as well as the vulnerability that Sreeja has within herself.


  1. If you had to choose between William Shakespeare and Rabindranath Tagore, whom would you choose as your favourite writer?

I cannot help but be biased here. It would have to be Rabindranath Tagore because he has given such an unparalleled treasure trove to our mother tongue.


  1. Have you faced rejections while getting your novel, “A Pen in the Marshes” published? How did you deal with the same?

Yes, indeed. Since the form of the book was not traditional, no one was ready to publish it initially. But I had faith in its literary value and finally I got it published!


  1. What is the next book coming up that your fans should eagerly wait for?

Woven Words Publishers has brought out my poetry collection “This Love of Mine”. I have experimented with bold themes in the book. I am sure people will enjoy reading the book.


  1. How would you like to inspire the budding writers?

Experiment. Never be afraid to be yourself. And most importantly, write only when your heart asks you to.


  1. Any take on StarWords India and its platform?

StarWords India is a very important platform to have emerged in this age and time. I personally have felt the need for this one-of-a-kind venture for quite some time and I am thankful to you for taking the initiative and give a voice to the innate talent that lies in all of us! Never be hesitant to showcase your inner winner and you will never face the fear of losing.




Shreya Dutta is the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India and the author of “Dance in the Rain”. She is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion. Years ago, when little girls were jotting down their bucket list, Shreya was lost in her dreamland in which she was immortal. Dutta had started off writing at an early age because she believed that writing not only helped her to voice her opinion but also led her closer to immortality. With every write-up that gets published, Shreya believes that she gets embedded in the pages of history to inspire the youngsters who dream likewise. Writing is not just her passion; it is her way of taking the road less travelled.

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