Meet Nikhil Shrivastava – The Left-Handed Author Addicted to Tea!


Nikhil Shrivastava is a young face who has created a whirlwind in the hearts of every teenager by persuading them to follow their dreams. His book, “Because You Need This” has received an overwhelming response from every age group. Thus, we could not miss the opportunity of getting to know this chocolate boy a little more! And, remember to read his book review HERE.



  • Define WRITING in three words.

Life in words.



  • From a brilliant commerce graduate to a successful author, how has the journey been so far?

Ah! Well, it has been a total roller coaster ride. I started off the commerce field because I wanted to have a stability in my career. I was hoping for something that gives me good returns on a regular basis. But I was missing the thrill. Then, life happened. Situations turned around about 360 degrees and life exposed me to all the things I was hoping for. To sum up, it was truly fascinating, exciting and full of inspiration and love. I am glad about whatever happened with me so far.



  • Every writer remembers a book that opens a new world to them; which one is yours?

Well, it’s the “Monk who Sold his Ferrari” written by Robin Sharma. He made everything sound so realistic. I loved the creation and that eventually led me to fall in love with reading. I still remember the first day I sat to read this book since then life changed for me a bit.



  • Which contemporary Indian author has inspired you the most?

Great question I must say. I am afraid I might have two names for your question. Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi. I loved the visualization & relatability of Chetan Bhagat and the unforgettable style of Amish Tripathi. Both are truly phenomenal.



  • What makes a good writer – skill or experience?

Skill and experience are like the two sides of a coin. They complete each other, but if we really have to differentiate, I think it’s experience. Experience gives you the ability to observe the surroundings and bring out the best from it. One more thing, you can never underestimate the power of love and passion, as it is what really matters when it comes to writing.



  • “Because You Need This” has been well-accepted by the readers; what made you pen down this brilliant theme in the first place?

So, the answer to the question lies from my development phase from a teenage boy into a man. I am a young person, and while growing up, I was always confused. I had a lot of different questions about success, relationships, money making, time management, but no answers to them. I tried searching everywhere, but there’s nothing that brings me to clarity. Then I grew up with the support of many wise people and got the answers to my questions from different places. Sometimes people come forward to solve my questions and sometimes I learn them from my experiences. And then I thought of millions of young people who are just like me confused and passionate. I thought who will answer to them. This was the story, this was my idea.



  • How does the Left-Handed Author, Nikhil Shrivastava, spend his leisure hours?

Well, away from work and words, I spend my time while doing different things. I think inspiration lies in the way we live in. So, I try to find it via watching movies, hanging out with friends, reading books and so on. And yeah, I often try to look for the surprises hidden elsewhere. I love to observe things.



  • What is that one inanimate object that you cannot live without and why is it so?

That’s a very deep question. You are making me think, Shreya. But I am confused a bit, because, from my point of view, everything has a life. Everything on this planet has a life, me, you, our smartphones, and everything. For example, we cannot have today’s food on tomorrow night if it’s not really preserved because it’s time expires. When we change a smartphone and buy a new one, our friends tend to ask about the period our old phone lasts, and we reply, “2-3 years”. You see, almost everything in this world has a life. So, if the question is something I can’t live without, it’s my love for tea & copy.



  • If you could walk the red carpet one day, how would you want the world to recognize your effort? And, who would that lucky woman be by your side?

I want the world to recognize my effort, as I am someone from their family. With love and compassion. My mission in life is to write and help people know the things they have been missing from their life. To help them realize their potential, and to see that there’s still so much more to the world.  If I am successful in transforming a few lives, I’ll be glad.  And the lucky women, I think she would be someone with dreams, fire, and endless compassion. Rest, time still have this story to unfold.



  • Most of the students complain that their parents do not allow them to become a writer because of the risks involved; have you faced this scenario before? How should the students come up with this?

Yes, sadly, the society is not the way it should be. And the present scenario is killing dreams faster than the movement of time. In India, people get to know their dreams after becoming doctor or engineer. I have faced the scenario, but along the journey, I knew the truth. I knew that what primarily matters in life is how you think about yourself. Everything else is secondary. I suggest everyone reading this to believe in their dreams and never stop looking up. Hold on to what you think about your life, and don’t kill your dreams for the sake of the society. All you should do is take your parents at your side and once it is done, don’t stop until you are a success.



  • As a mentor, how would you like to inspire the budding writers to make their debut?

I am too young to be a mentor, but I know that life is uncertain so I would like to share what I have learned. For all budding writers, out there-

  1. Make a proper strategy for everything. Don’t day dream.
  2. Think with the end stage in mind. Decide what you want, then act on it.
  3. Write every day. The more you write, the better you get.

Rest, be in love with what you do, because things from heart goes into heart.



  • What have you got in store for the readers next? Would you like to tell your fans what they should be looking forward to?

I am now working on the Hindi version of Because you need this. I want to make it accessible for all the hindi audience out there. So, that’s going to happen in near future. Rest, I am going to come up with a lot of interesting concepts which I just can’t reveal right now. Finger crossed.



  • Any take on StarWord India’s website and platform?

Well, it’s a great initiative. I love how passionate people are up here, how wonderfully they are making advancement for what their work and passion. I can feel the fire to improve here, and that’s why for me it’s the best platform. I wish you all the best for your team. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to share my thoughts. I am delighted to be featured here.



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