Meet Nikita Goel – She Has Co-Authored 17 Books but has Never Read a Single One Before Taking to Writing


Every writer dreams of conquering the world with his or her writing abilities. However, how many really get to do that? Nikita Goel is one such writer who is talented enough to have already co-authored 17 books! However, would you believe that she had never read a book before she started penning down her thoughts? Read her interview to find out more!


  1. You are the proud owner of 17 books that you have co-authored until date. Who had been your inspiration?

I had never planned to be a Writer. I wanted to be many things like a Fashion Designer, Doctor, Chartered Accountant, Professor, and Psychiatrist but never a Writer. I was an overtly sensitive child who somehow learned/ was taught to keep things to her. Solitude became my strength and writing, a rehab. All kinds of artists, I believe find inspiration from real life. They are people who have been through an inexpressible amount of pain owing to their own sensitive nature and end up creating their own place, which is an escape from the world where they never belonged.  They do not belong to any human or place. They do not fit into the boxes. They cannot be told what to do. Anything that everyone else is doing immediately puts him or her off; they would rather die than live a life like everyone else.


  1. How did it feel working with your co-authors? Did you always go along well or did you face disagreements at times?

Of the 17 books that I have co-authored in a period of 4 years, I had the opportunity to edit and compile five of them. It was a learning experience working with the best writers and publishers of our country. Writing is a solitary job; there is no group activity as such to instigate disagreements or disapprovals. Every writer is given equal importance in Anthologies, whether you are just started or you have been here for a decade.


  1. Do you think books are better than movies?

Shockingly, I had never read a single book until I was 16 but when I started; I could read 100 books in a year. Reading a book is like travelling to a place, eating local foods, talking to natives, living in the tents, and watching sunsets. However, watching a movie is like being a tourist who lands from the airport to the hotel and never leaves the room.


  1. If you got an opportunity to offer movie rights to any of the books that you have written so far, would you, allow it?

Oh! Yes. It is a dream of every Writer. Gone are the days when Writers lived far away from the hustle bustle of city life and people could not even recognize them by face. The Writer of today is a celebrity, omnipresent at all the book launches, poetry open mics, literature festivals, and what not.


  1. You have always managed to pen down your thoughts well. Are you the same when you have to address a gathering?

No, I struggle to speak when I have to address a gathering. I am a very shy kind of a Writer who just wishes to sign the books quietly and leave the room.


  1. What is that unconquered dream of yours?

Can I tell you something? My name has a meaning – unconquered and victorious. There are a quite a few yet to come true.


  1. Would you ever adopt a child?

With the population of 7 billion, all of us should start adopting children. Why, not?


  1. Do you think listening to music helps while writing?

Not with me. I write better, when there is complete silence around me so that only the voices in my head can speak.


  1. How would you like to inspire the young, budding writers?

Writing is not an easy job. Only one in a million would be becoming a millionaire with his/ her books. If becoming rich or famous is your ultimate goal, writing should be the last thing on your mind. However, if there is a voice inside your head that will not shut up, no matter what you do, by all means, bleed at the typewriter.


  1. Any take on Star Words India.

A wonderful initiative to bring forward the rule breakers, misfits, artists, and rebels of today under the single roof.


Why don’t you get a copy of her books? These links would take you to them!


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