iOS App Development Trends That Will Shape 2017


In today’s digitalized world, slowly and steadily technology is taking over every aspect of our lives. Even for the simplest tasks, whether it be to calculate an amount or listen to a song, we use an app on our smartphones. The ever-evolving popularity of mobile application technology has caused the app development industry to invent new and unique ideas to upgrade and update the current technology. This trend of mobile apps has been sweeping the market for quite some time now and iOS development services are enthusiastic and ready to envelop it. These are some of the iOS app development trends that are predicted by the experts to shape 2017.
IoT or Internet of things- IoT has been gaining constant popularity as the concept of connecting various virtual and digital devices with real-life objects to make life easier and effortless. iOS developed iBeacon technology, based on the concept of IoT has gained success, popularity, and the confidence of their customers. iPhone app development companies are encouraged and enthusiastic to take their first step in this technological sea.

GPS and Beacons- GPS and Beacon technology have been used in the commercial industry for some time. But with new and upgraded potential, they are shaping the market by providing unique possibilities and implications. Various iOS app development company are using GPS and Beacon technology in household appliances to make their use effortless and efficient. Their respective sensors are being integrated into automobiles, air conditioners, remote control, kitchen appliances, lighting, and much more. Through these technologies, consumers are able to optimize their facilities from their home and outside of it.

Security- With the growing acceptance and popularity of mobile apps in various sectors, be it financial, lifestyle or corporate, security has become a crucial point of consideration. People are using mobile apps to manage their financial and banking solutions. This opens them up to some grave and adverse security risks. iPhone app development agencies are putting a lot of dedication and exertion in creating encrypted technology to protect the mobile app users from such risks.

Augmented reality- All of us saw the recent storm of augmented reality based games after the immense and global popularity of Pokémon Go. Every sector is being affected by this unique technology, including online shopping websites, social media, travel industry, and more. iPhone developers are creating unique and effortless apps by combining the AP and GPS technology to give their users the experience of a lifetime.

Cloud integration- Through synching all your accounts in a cloud, users are able to access the mobile apps on various different smart device and gadgets. This technology is not only beneficial in reducing the bulky apps and making them more compact and lighter but also utilizes lesser space in your smart device. Experts are predicting upgradations of this technology to create efficient and effective servicing. Various iPhone app development company are striving to progress and advance this basic technology into an upgraded, matured version.

These are just some of the iOS app development trends that are to gain popularity and fame in the coming year. Although Android is leading in the volume of apps that they are developing, iOS has proven itself time and time again by generating much larger revenue than that of the Android technology. We are eagerly waiting for the unique and fascinating applications that will be exposed to us by the iOS app development industry.


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