Are the Startups Treating the Men and Women Equally?


Emma Watson speaking on Gender Equality and Feminism

In my previous post, I left you on the note that the modern startup culture can establish the equality between men and women. However, how can it be surely said that this is going to be a successful idea? Let’s look at a fashion house that is about to be launched. Yes, there are plenty of female students studying at the fashion institutes in India and that gives them the power to dream. They aspire to become an entrepreneur and start their own fashion line. These female entrepreneurs overcome are mentally prepared to accept and ignore the criticisms that talk about them growing wings. Thus, in the male-dominated society, when they have to recruit, subconsciously, they end up recruiting a greater number of female candidates. Now you would ask me how the balance is maintained, right? Well, if there are 80 men and 20 men working at a construction company, won’t the equality be established if 80 women and 20 men run the fashion house? Think about it.


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