Maa Durga – The Goddess who Binds the Hearts of the Bengali Community


Durga Puja is a grand festival celebrated in India. However, even though it is a festival of the Indians, the Bengali community celebrates the same with unparalleled enthusiasm. To the Bengalis, Durga Puja is that time of the year when the family reunites to celebrate the bond of love and affection. It is that time of the year when the chocolate boy returns home so that he can spend some quality time with his girlfriend. It is that time of the year when the children can have plenty of ice-creams a day without being chased by their worried mother. It is, after all, the time of grandeur!

In Bengal, we welcome Maa Durga and her children on the auspicious day of Mahalaya. That marks the beginning of a festivity of tradition and culture that continues 10 days from that day.

During this festival, we are so immersed in the fun and frolic of pandal hopping, eating out, meeting our long-lost friends and worshipping the deity that we almost forget that time flies quickly to mark the end of this celebration. It is the year 2017. And, on the 30th day of September, the Bengali community is shedding tears while bidding farewell to Maa Durga at the immersion ghats throughout West Bengal.

This video has been shot at the Immersion Ghat in New Town, Rajarhat in the evening. I hope you cherish the memories that you have woven and preserved this Durga Puja while watching the video (Please note that I am not a photographer and I don’t have a camera device apart from my cell phone). May Maa Durga bestow good luck and prosperity on you, your family, and your loved ones.

On behalf of the members of StarWords India, I wish you a Happy Dussehra!

Shubho Bijoya!


Shreya Dutta is the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India and the author of “Dance in the Rain”. She is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion. Years ago, when little girls were jotting down their bucket list, Shreya was lost in her dreamland in which she was immortal. Dutta had started off writing at an early age because she believed that writing not only helped her to voice her opinion but also led her closer to immortality. With every write-up that gets published, Shreya believes that she gets embedded in the pages of history to inspire the youngsters who dream likewise. Writing is not just her passion; it is her way of taking the road less travelled.

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