In Search of a Treasure Trove


Where has the love gone?
Where has your smile gone?
Is there a place I can go to
In search of the lost treasure trove?

The sunny days are rare now,
Replaced by barren cold desert,
Turning my heart into a dormant entity,
Slowing its pace second by second.

Emptiness has engulfed my existence,
Snatching away my senses, my sanity,
Rendering me into a useless meat,
Without any soul – ready to be hacked.

My only salvation lies in redemption;
To ask for forgiveness where it’s not available.
On and on I will go, without any hesitation
Till the last breath – till eternal time.

There is no hope left; still, I will try
Praying against the impossible odds
To get the glimpse of those smiling eyes,
Injecting a rush of fresh air in my degenerating body –

I am a weakling, I know that for the fact;
Still, in my last moment, I will develop an iron will
To laugh into the face of death,
Smiling and embracing, without an iota of regret.

But, I promise, my love, I will come back
In some form or the other, bringing back your beauty.
For, I know in my heart, death is but a door
To the place where your treasure trove lies.


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