Drift and Rift


Way across the ocean, we crossed
Hand in hand, two jubilant souls
Chirping, dancing, and singing,
Riding the gigantic wave after wave.

Just as the sense of the approaching shore dawned upon us,
A rift appeared between our spaces
Drifting us apart, taking us away,
Beyond the grasping hand of our reach.

We tried and mustered our courage,
Sending loop after loop of ropes,
Binding our hands together,
Tugging each other with a mighty force.

But destiny had other plans, and
The ocean, growing weary of our connection
Decided, it’s time to intervene
Before the shore comes – their eternal abode.

The destination once common stood divided.
The effort of reconciliation stood dismissed.
The connection of souls stood wounded.
The depth of our feelings raked and shallowed…

The distance between us was vast and empty,
Communication now shunned and abhorred,
The aching heart was crying in agony, and
Witnessing the love heading towards a silent death.


With Harry Potter introducing him to the world of brilliant books, RR is one of the most avid readers you will come across. He is the person who looks for the best even in the worst; and, that is perhaps the reason why the books, which will definitely put you to sleep, seem interesting to Rishi! And, his vast reading ability gives him the skill required to pen down his thoughts lucidly.

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