The Inconsolable Heart


Who will listen to the agony of my heart?
For it is silent now for most of days,
Retreating into someplace deep within,
Bidding its time for the resurgence.

If somebody could understand his state,
If somebody could lend a shoulder to rest,
It would have cried a bucket full of tears,
Flushing out the pain which it was made to bear.

The heart had warned the brain
To be cautious in its conduct of words,
To not play the game it was meant to lose;
But still, it went ahead, plunging a dagger into the heart.

Now the body is in disarray, going haywire,
Possessing neither the intellect of brain,
Nor the emotional stability of its heart,
With the vital functions deteriorating every passing second.

Lifeless, now the heart lies beside,
Incapable of facing the reality of this world,
Contemplating death in its waking hour,
Imagining salvation lies on its fateful end.

The hope of resurrection seems fast dwindling,
The face marching ahead in the distant horizon,
The brain pacifies the hear but it is inconsolable,
As reiterating life without her has no meaning left.


With Harry Potter introducing him to the world of brilliant books, RR is one of the most avid readers you will come across. He is the person who looks for the best even in the worst; and, that is perhaps the reason why the books, which will definitely put you to sleep, seem interesting to Rishi! And, his vast reading ability gives him the skill required to pen down his thoughts lucidly.

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