The Funeral Pyre


Within blink of an eye, a generation passes away,
To far away hinterland, into the oblivion
Leaving behind a handful of memories,
To be cherished forever in spirit.


Spirit is all that left, bereft of physical form
Giving us blessings from the heaven above
Telling do not despair, my child, my time was up
It’s your time now, to carry forward the legacy


The time is cruel, it takes away generous soul
Away from our presence, far beyond from our reach
Teaching us a lesson, nothing is permanent but are transitory
A lesson far tougher, comprehended in time of reality


I ask the god, was it necessary, was it justified
To take away a soul, who is yet to see the fruit of his labour
Who emitted exuberance, far and beyond
Whose energy was the source of inspiration.


Death is certainty, but why it’s so painful to bear,
Is it not cruel to see once body warm, go cold before you
Is it not cruel to see static face, which lit up in every situation of life
Is it not cruel to see closed eyes, which twinkled with such an intensity


Aye, I know I have to bid goodbye at the end,
But my feet are stuck, heavy with weight
Cursing my fate, my incapability, my limitless
Failing to preserve the glorious history, letting it go on the funeral pyre.


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