“Breathe Right – Gain New Academic Heights” – A Review


Life is full of ups and downs. This is a brutal truth that none of us can escape no matter how hard we try. However, this same truth hits different people in a different way. Some people are very happy and optimistic. They try to find peace in what they do and, therefore, they are ready to accept the challenges that life throws in their path of struggle. On the other hand, there are people who cannot handle it because of stress and frustration.

Now, think about this. If the adults behave in this way, is it not justified that the teenagers would have a hard time coping up with the extreme career pressure, peer pressure and others? This is the reason why the renowned Life Coach, Prem Peyara, had written “Breathe Right – Gain New Academic Heights” for the young minds.

This book, “Breathe Right – Gain New Academic Heights”, is a text form of what the Life Coach, Prem Peyara, delivers in his sessions. The book is especially meant for the students so that they can cross all barriers and attain greater heights. The Life Coach and author, Prem Peyara, had identified all the minute segments that haunt or pressurize students in their day to day lives.

What Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights Contains:

  • This book teaches you the right breathing techniques so that you do not have to suffer from respiratory anomalies.
  • It helps you to analyze and overcome your anxiety so that you can work towards fulfilling your ambitions.
  • It helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that you can work efficiently.
  • It helps you to learn the art of meditation so that you can be calm and composed even when the ball is not in your court.
  • It helps you to learn the right studying methodologies so that you can recall exactly what you have read.
  • The book helps you to accept criticism in a positive way and to prepare yourself in a way that you can attain perfection.
  • It helps you to have an enhanced level of concentration.
  • It helps you to form a routine that you can follow. This would be efficient for studying every day.
  • It helps you to understand why you should weigh the various options before choosing the right career for yourself.
  • It helps you to learn to control your anger.
  • It helps you to stay healthy by maintaining a proper diet.
  • The book tells you why you should indulge in sports and encourages you to do so.

From the Life Coach, Prem Peyara, who has inspired the world, this book is an added bonanza for the students. This book would not only help you to understand yourself better but also make you fearless so that you can work towards fulfilling your dreams. Every book is as inspiring as attending his sessions and while reading the book, you will feel like you are getting special attention from him personally!

Prem Peyara is also offering the book for FREE to those who cannot afford it. Click here to avail the same.

Connect to him on his Facebook page, or find him on his Instagram / LinkedIn profile. You can tweet him and ask about any suggestions on his Twitter account. To grab your copy of the book, click here.



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