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From a lawyer to an established life coach, Prem Peyara shares the mantras that you need to be inspired in life. Live a healthy life and follow his inspirational words in his book “Breathe Right – Gain New Academic Heights“.


  • You were surrounded by the magical blessing of the Ayurveda since your childhood days. Does that play a part in who you are today?

Yes, Ayurveda trained me to live with nature. My kitchen is the store of herbal medicines. Fruits and vegetables fresh directly from the farmers are my meal. Consciously breathing in the natural air is my source of energy (Prana).


  • What made you decide that you wanted to become a Life Coach in adelaide? Was that a deep evaluation of the present circumstances or a sudden spark leading to a concrete decision?

I was born with a gifted characteristic of a giver. It is my passion to see everyone living a satisfied & happy life. I am always fascinated to share my knowledge and experience with everyone. There are generally three types of people-;
1. Who learn from their own challenges,
2. Who learn from others action or mistakes,
3. Who doesn’t learn from the first two and keep repeating the same.

But I am a combination of the first two and love to deal with people with type 3 mentioned above to make them fulfil their life journey with abundance. It is my strong belief that the Creator of the Universe send us all on this planet with a specific mission but generally people don’t know it or they don’t want to know it. I explored it and living my mission as a Life Coach.


  • You have spent 3 years in amidst pure nature in Manali (Himalayan Ranges). How did you feel going back to the city?

It is not three, precisely it is 2 years I spent in the Himalayan Ranges and experienced the purest form to the Air and Water to nourish the basic requirements of the dwelling of my soul on this planet i.e. my physical body. I love the nature.  The fact is, if you have to live for others, then you have to be with them so I am in the city among the crowd but totally a different individual. It is not my personal choice to live in the city, it is designed by the Supreme Self and I am enjoying the journey of life as an obedient servant.


  • Do you think the Indian schools should introduce meditation in their curriculum compulsorily?

They are doing it. Every Indian school has a morning prayer. It is a kind of Meditation. Not only in India, I travelled many countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa, every school has a system of prayer, a different method of meditation in their own style. I strongly believe that every child has to learn the conscious breathing techniques which will lead them to advance stage of meditation in their evolution of the journey on this beautiful blue planet.


I love to create a ‘Crimeless Society’. No one wants to do a crime but circumstances are manufacturing a criminal. No one is born with a criminal mindset but our surroundings and society are cultivating criminals. All the religions are teaching to their disciples that live with peace and harmony- to not to hurt anyone with the moto of love and serve. It is all happening for the thousands of years. BUT STILL, THE CRIME IS INCREASING IN THE SOCIETY, WHY? As a matter of fact, the religions are nurturing the leaves of the trees on the contrary to feed the roots. I am trying to manure the roots so I decided in 2017 to air my first book for the forthcoming generation- the students.


  • Why did you settle down in Australia? Was it only to spread the light?

It is not my own choice. I was destined to live in the most advanced society on the planet to spread the message of my belief system for the people in Australia. This is one of the biggest shelter giver generous countries where you will find people for almost all nationalities. There are refugees from several troubled countries. Australians are very generous by nature without any racism. As I mentioned above I am just doing my job as assigned to me.


  • What difference did you find as you visited from one country to another?

Wherever I traveled, I did not find any basic difference in any human. Everyone has red blood cells. Everyone wants to progress and success in life. But they don’t have the answers for why are they living? what is the purpose of life? Perhaps people never questioned it. When they start experiencing these questions then only they get the answer to their existence resulting to abundance.


  • Would you like to share something about your upcoming book?

The thoughts are still churning. Just wait and watch. Time will bring the best out of me through next book. Though to be updated with the new life-changing products, I suggest you visit


  • How would you like to inspire the youngsters to lead a good life and to become a Life Coach if they want to?

All the youngsters have a very powerful energy within, to blast something new. The energy has to be positive and prospective. When one is honest and conscious with each and every action then only one can achieve ‘whatever they wish’. Everyone has a wish but to achieve it one has to be committed. Are you committed to it? The answer to this question will make your dream come true.


  • Any take on StarWords India and its platform?

India my Great India. We should keep hoeing our ancient roots of wisdom then only we will spiritually rule the world. This is exactly the StarWords India is doing for the nation, and I wish them a bravura future.


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