A figure in the morning


A figure emerges out of
The morning foggy atmosphere,
In complete silence and tranquility
Looking a bit jaded and weary.


She had tired eyes
And aching hands
Because of the days’ labour
She has performed for her dream.


The smile looks plastered,
As if assuring her companion
To fear not the laws of nature,
There are always ways to circumvent it.


One cannot but notice
The old necklace back in its place
Embracing the emerging cleavage line,
Saying, I am now at peace with life.


Dark circles around the eyes
With coloured aching fingers
Make her feet move faster
As if she has spotted her final target.


The man walking beside her
Tries to catch up with her pace;
Slowing her pace, a bit, accommodating
One thing, she can’t ever let go.



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