May we meet Angels and Demons in our Journey in Life


The angels that dance around in our minds look like the pretty dolls from our childhood days, but what about the demons? The devils? Why do we know them as someone who will scare us? There is a root to this fear factor that is imbibed in us from childhood.


From small fears that grow to be big ones. Firstly, I want to say, that we have all the ability in us to overpower the fear. Kill the fear. Accept it. Live with it. It’s our choice. But there’s no way we can run away from it. And no way we should. 


Let me try to get to the bottom of it. As a child, if we were naughty or disobedient, we were scolded, punished and even shrouded by unknown fears. Those little fears of being scolded for petty reasons at times left a mark on many of our minds. Which again, we did not realize as children.

  • Hey baby, if you do not eat properly, the crow on the window will come and take your food away. So eat fast. – The fear of not being able to have a meal.
  • Hey, if you do not sleep on time at night after the lights are turned off, the ghosts will come and scare you. – The fear of an unknown face who will harm us.
  • Hey, if you do not study, you will fail and will have to land up on the pavement as a beggar. – The fear of not being able to achieve definite goals in life.

The list of fear factors set into our system is never-ending. It’s no crime to have our fears. It’s important not to let the fears get the better of us. Why is darkness connected to evil? Why is failure connected to you being worthless? Darkness leads to light, and your worth is for you to discover. Slowly, gradually, just by being yourself. Just by sinking into your own skin. 

Well, then I often wondered what if the child did not have even have one proper meal to eat in a day? What if there was no roof over the head and life was uncertain 24×7? What if the child is deprived of any education and instead forced to beg for a living?

Fears and uncertainties loom large, but nothing should take away the will to live the life we have. A year into what the fear factors tried to tell me, scare me, did only one thing…face fear bang on. Punch it right in the face. I was unconsciously letting the insecurities set in, it’s not that the fears don’t bug me anymore. But one shivering moment when my body and mind is on the verge of collapsing, I just take a U-turn. I tell myself, I have to accept it. I have to dominate the one who’s trying to kill me from inside rather than letting it play those stupid mind games with me. Closing doors and living inside a dark room is no crime. A pinch of patience and accepting the worst happening unfolds the way to unopened doors and take charge. Not as a whole, but just one moment at a time. Hold on, we have to do that. Don’t Stop. Even in your sleep. Your worth is important to yourself. 


5 thoughts on “May we meet Angels and Demons in our Journey in Life

  • It’s very well written post. I would just like to add the irony of the fear factor.

    Knowningly or unknowningly, the fear of failure, or fear of doing something bad has been inculcated in the psyche of the child by our elders. But as child grows and advances towards adulthood, the same elder gather together and advice us to cast away our fear. It’s not an easy task later to fight against something which has been instituionalised since our childhood, but fight we must.

    I think it would have been better if elder had let the child realise his mistake in a constructive way, by letting them apply their own mind at the problem. It would have been better if child had been advised, rather being the fear of something inculcated inside the heart of child.

    But as saying goes, every generation learns something from their previous generation. So it’s the responsibilty of present generation to not commit the folly past generation again, if we continue to do the same then we will be just living our life, and would not be evolving as human being. Evolution is very important phenomenon in one’s life.

  • Hello Rishi,
    Thanks a lot for connecting and for your valuable inputs. I agree with you on this totally. Very rare people are blessed to have a constructive guidance in their childhood. The fear factors are instilled in them since childhood and as they grow it remains deep hidden in their subconscious minds. These fear factors grow manifold as they grow into adults and the pressure builds up in every sphere of life, to be the ideal ones in each and every aspect of life. Failures are a part of our journey and we should be imbibed with the confidence and strength to take it in our stride, accept it and develop from it. Definitely family, peers and teachers play a pivotal role in shaping up the mindsets of children all through the process of growing up.
    Though the awareness is increasing, yet there is much to be done in shaping up responsible adults. In our own ways, we can try to overpower the demons which play folly in our lives. Thanks again for your opinion. Stay strong, accept our weaknesses, grow stronger.

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