Whistle Blower: A Warning


All of us are a part of an organization, which can be big or small, where we perform our duty towards the organization and maintain its secrecy on topmost priority.

Every employee tries to give his or her best to fulfill the responsibilities towards the company and dedicates the efforts towards the company’s well-being. Sometimes, a person faces a situation where he or she witnesses some unethical practices within the walls and outside of the company and he or she declares the company ill in terms of management or operational practices. That employee who speaks the bitter truth regarding his or her company to the outside world is called the “Whistle Blower”. Sometimes, the company treats the Whistle Blower as an external employee or a burdensome employee on the company.

Let us see some reasons why a good employee raises his or her voice against the company and turns into a Whistle Blower.

  • The employee faces unethical activities between his or her own team and collaborative teams.
  • He or she witnesses the illegal practices of passing wrong products and services without letting the society know about it.
  • He or she approaches the higher authorities or management with complaints but gets continuous ignorance, even making several requests and protests.
  • He or she faces a deaf ear and a blind eye from his or her colleagues while they are a part of malpractices.
  • Though the employee is bonded to the company by his or her loyalty, he or she feels the necessity to become loyal to the society first.

Hence, the employee becomes a Whistle Blower.

The company treats the whistle blower the as culprit but it is time for the company to bring about some big changes. The whistle blower is loyal towards society and helps the society to grow ethically. So, instead of taking an unfair action against him or her, the company needs to improve its internal operational work culture. It should go with relevant tasks which will help it to generate goodwill in the corporate market and society.

Below are some key points which a company can use to reduce the number of “Whistle Blowers”.

· Accept it’s Mistake:

Instead of crushing the Whistle Blower, the company must accept that they failed in providing an ethical work culture. Some employees are taking more benefits from unethical activities.

· Use of Code of Conduct:

The company should implement an ethical code of conduct. The authorities must keep an eye on it that every employee will obey it no matter they are fresher or experienced.

· Employee Welfare Committee:

The company must employ a team which will investigate on the concerned matter for company welfare. Though THE committee should not be concerned with THE company in any matter it will help the company to impart justice without partiality.

· Improvement of Oriented Practices:

The company must keep a check that all those practices for which they have been accused have been completely stopped. Also, the company must introduce an improvement-oriented practice in its daily routine so that it will not affect the society.

· Employee Feedback:

Employee feedback is very crucial for every organization which can keep it out from all other companies’ cat race. The Reporting Manager or the Human Resource Manager should perform this activity on a regular interval to understand the mental health of the employees. After that, the management should play its role to change the mindset in favor of companies benefit.


Thus, if these steps are taken, everyone will be happy and grow collectively.


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