She became the princess all again!


Lost into her world of dreams,
she was never aware of those screams.
Residing in her fairy tale,
she never felt she could fail!
But alas! The laws of misfortunes,
who could ever stop the black moon?
Surrounded by the darker nights,
she continued with her frights.
For all those fights were to be fought alone.
She could do nothing but moan,
Hiding from those eyes,
she came to know all were lies.
Then one day she came to know
she should never feel that low!
Not letting those cries in vain,
she chose herself to be the main.
Gathering all the guts, to cover those cuts.
She stood once again, amidst the rain,
not letting her tears stop the pain!
Remembering those good old days,
Knowing the reality of this world,
she became the princess all again!


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