A Lady in the Park


The lady who I met in the park
Appeared out of thin air, like a rising morning sun,
With a tired body and a plastered smile
Displaying her agony of wasted hours.


Her company was intoxicating and exhilarating
Enchanting me into her happening life,
But suddenly, a vacuum was created
As she disappeared with the afternoon sun.


I wandered and staggered, looping around
Coming back again to the same spot,
In a hope, she will materialize again;
But my optimism died, with dying evening sun.


I looked at the full moon, crying;
To stop the agonizing pain, which I couldn’t bear
It took me just a moment to fall in love,
But it’s now taking forever, to come out of it


As I prepared to leave the spot by the fountain
My pain started ebbing away, and a cool
Breeze started flowing, clearing the mist around;
And there she came again, with her face glowing,


Her eyes were sparkling, forehead shinning;
She embraced me with her soft energized features
Promising to stay for a handful of hours
Drowning me again in her eternal beauty.



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