Love You a Lot, Mommy


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Dear Baby, 

It has been years since I have touched your tiny fingers and kissed your soft and supple cheek. I know you miss me and I know you wish I could have been there by your side. I know you look for my silhouette every time the school gates open as your school ends for the day. I know Daddy gives you all the love in the world but he still hasn’t learned to bake a Christmas cake perfectly. That’s sad; but, hey, don’t worry, my child; not all of us are perfect and not all things can be taught. Yes, I know you wish you could run the bakery like Mommy when you grow up but I am sorry for not being there by your side this Christmas yet again. I am sorry I was made to choose God over you; but, does that mean I won’t tell you the secret recipe of mine? Of course, not! So, run to your room now and make sure you are reading this letter with full concentration for I will be sharing the top three secrets with you. Let’s enjoy some mother-daughter moments this festive season now!


Secret 1: Identify the Suitable Ingredients and Not What You Love the Most Always

As a baker, you must know how to identify and use the ingredients wisely. If you want to bake a butterscotch cake, you might want to avoid choco chips, right? Thus, every time you step into the kitchen, you should know which ingredient should be used for every dish. Again, when you choose the ingredients, make sure that you are not biased. Just because you love to add a cherry on the top, you can’t decorate Daddy’s birthday cake with a whole lot of cherries for he is allergic to them. No matter how madly in love you are with the cherries, you have to let them go at times. People matter more than these materialistic beauties. You might enjoy a mouth full of cherries but you will surely not like to see Daddy being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Did you know that Daddy is afraid of needles just like you are? Don’t tell him I told you this!


Secret 2: Have Faith in Your Abilities and Work Hard

Oh, baby, I know your hands are tiny and it aches when you have to knead the flour. However, don’t you want to be the next Masterchef? If yes, then you should never judge your abilities. You should remember that God has made us equal. Yes, we don’t look exactly the same but we have the same love and determination in our hearts. Some of us learn quickly what we are good at while some of us take a little more time than needed. No matter how late you are, you should never stop trying. If you don’t try, how will you know what you are good at? How will you know what gives you happiness? How will you know that you have the talent to make a positive impact in the lives of the people if you don’t explore the hidden gem inside you?


Secret 3: Let Your Imagination Take Command

Don’t you think it is fascinating to watch a Barbie Doll cake decorated in different hues? Don’t the creamy dresses look adorable? You can also bake a cake and decorate it the way you like. For that, you need to learn to let your imagination take wings. Yes, it is okay to observe as a beginner. However, until and unless you try the baking recipes out yourself and discover the tricks, you will not be able to stand out in the crowd. If you want to become the best baker in town, you need to be different in a good way. You have to channelise your thoughts and design your masterpiece. Be it in the kitchen or the competitive platform, never be afraid to try out something different.


Well, now that you know the top three secrets of mine, it is time to stop wishing that you could bake. Merely wishing something won’t make Santa Claus give you everything you want. You have to earn your gift. As you grow up, you will realise that these three secrets will help you tackle every difficulty that comes your way. These are the secrets that you need to remember every time you take a decision or face a hurdle. These secrets would be your mantra for a happy and successful life.

I miss you, my love, and I promise to kiss you goodnight on Christmas Eve. Just remember to look out the window at midnight and soak in the moonlight surpassing through the glass for the angels will carry my love to you and lull you to sleep.

Love you a lot, 




This post was written on the topic “What are the three important values that you would teach your child?” as per IndiSpire Edition 199.



7 thoughts on “Love You a Lot, Mommy

  • Well, parenting is something you learn daily just like most of the other tasks. And I feel it’s really a broad field to look at. After reading this article, I feel an extremely tiny part of the huge responsibility is being jotted down in a terribly simple yet sweet way, aptly maintaing the balance between rational and emotional thoughts.

    • Of course, Sushmita. Parenting is a difficult task that cannot be learned from the rulebooks. Time changes and so does the scenario. Parents have to keep figuring out how to lead their children on the right path. 🙂

  • I remember having read once a beautiful letter written by a mother to her child in the Speaking Tree column. Reading this letter reminded me of that one. You have truly written a marvelous letter. It’s emotional and educative, and certainly filled with love.

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