Underwater Sensor Networks.


In this era of digitization, staying away from technologies and gadgets will bring you to the loss. For every other thing, you deal with today has got some or the other technological reference by its own means. Be it traveling from a place to other or ordering food while sitting at home. Yet more surprisingly! These technologies and gadgets are not limited only to the land but even the aquatic world requires them equally.

When hearing of the term “Underwater sensor networks”, makes us aware of the fact that there has been the implementation of a wide variety of gadgets in the years so far. So proceeding with the same thing let us know some facts about the underwater sensor networks. Basically, it deals with the wireless information transmission through the ocean which is one of the sanctioning technologies in terms of the development of future ocean-observation systems along with the sensor networks. There are tremendous applications of underwater sensing which ranges over to the oil industry, the aquaculture and also include the instrument monitoring, pollution control, climate recording, prediction of natural disturbances, search and survey missions, along with the study of marine life.
These Underwater wireless sensing networks are missioned for stand-alone applications and the access of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), and as an addition to the cabled systems. This entire system has also been brought up to improve the communications in water. The basic differences between the terrestrial sensor networks and underwater sensor networks are:

• Cost
• Deployment
• Memory for data caching
• More spatial correlation.

Since it involves inexpensive computing, and the sensing and communications have brought the terrestrial sensor networking to a hike in the past couple of decades, expecting cheap computing combined with lower cost advanced acoustic technology, communication, and sensing, will enable underwater sensing applications and bring it to much greater heights.


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