The Downfalls May Rise One Day


Okay! So it might sound like some another philosophical tale, but every sentence in the universe has got some meanings. Some deep meanings for life, which gets connected to us in its own way.You may not always be at the peak level forever, even Sir Amitabh Bachchan is to be replaced by some other legendary superstar. The brightest star of the galaxy diminishes after a while and so is the law of nature there has to be a new day after some long darker nights.

Never lose the inner you, because you are the one who shall keep you motivated life long. There is no one else coming to pick you up from the lower heights. You just need to boost yourself every then and now no matter how worse the condition is. Just stick to your area of specialization. Had Mr. Sachin Tendulkar been focused on being the best bowler, he would have never gained such name worldwide. Had the legendary singer Miss Lata Mangeshkar been so worried about her dancing skills rather than improving her vocal skills she would have never gained such heights in her life. So the point remains simple: “be you, stick to your qualities. Don’t try to copy others”. For they are good in their fields, you can never ask an Elephant to climb the tree. Simply, because an Elephant was never made to climb trees in the same way you can’t ask a crow to carry your weights.

Remember we have five fingers, all for different purposes. Not everyone in the world is assigned the same mental level and same skills. Imagine if the world was full of kings, who would be serving them? If everyone was rich would they ever work in the fields, raising crops? Absolutely no!

The Almighty has sent each one of us with different purposes, not everyone can be the ruler who would be the ones serving them then?

Few succeed earlier, few later. Just stick to your abilities, be true to yourself. And never forget one must burn like the Sun to shine like it.


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