Meet Lovey Chaudhary – The Lovely Gothic Societal Blogger


This is perhaps the best interview I have conducted so far as both Lovey and I, Shreya, engaged in a poetic conversation to get a feel of the middle ages. While my stupid and creative questions catch your eyes, read this Gothic beauty’s wise words in verses.


  1.   Oh woman, aged twenty-five, 


         What made you blog all this while?

I was as plain as plains can be

Rough and gray as an age-old rock

In September, 2016, blogging hit the clock,

A way to channel my inner block.


  1.   Oh clumsy, flimsy, peculiar, beauty,


         Why are you addicted to Mac’s Gothic variety?


Only If I owned Mac’s Gothic variety,

I’d be living in a piety, 

As if Mac was my propriety,

Then, I’d go hand in hand with notoriety.


  1.   Oh darling; imagine you’re stranded on an island, 


          Now which handsome hunk would you like to garland?


There’s a guy who’s into stealing my gadgets for some years now, 

The rainbow to my storms, manifests my greatest fears and how!

He’d be the perfect fit for my garland on an island to take a vow.


  1.   Blogging and writing is a talent the world knows,


         Which embarrassing ability are you hiding though?


I am not hidin’

this time I’m decidin’

But, Shreya, you got me smiling.

Forgetfulness and stress eating is what I’m chiding.   


  1.   Oh crowned princess of being straightforward,


         Which politician would you like to murder?


Political murders are just a starter for better social order.

Them ruining our system with sexist, offensive, and racist slaughter

Excuse me while I shoot myself in the brain mortar.

Too many to name, too many would be the lawders. 

I’d Cover ’em with honey, and let the ants feast harder. 



  1.   If you get dumped in a posh and public place,


         Will you use your wicked pair of stilettos with grace?


The perfect pair of stilettos that don’t hurt my feet,

That goes beyond the gooey cow lay my chase.

I can rock a silver on dates and even in straits. 


  1.   If being as bulky as a sumo wrestler becomes the hottest trend,


What would you stuff in your bloating belly, my friend?


It could be oh so worse, 

I enjoy delicious food, 

Makes me happy, and fixes my mood. 

It’s all about the exciting taste, 

doesn’t matter, where the food is placed.

Belgian chocolate truffle cake, 

Cures every single, emotional ache. 

Fast food is easy, and super quick, 

So many choices, what should I pick? 

A burger that is enormously large, 

Add some more fries, just minimal charge.

How about grandma’s different pies, 

I don’t care, if it goes to my thighs. 

But I know of men, who do not have enough, 

Lacking food and drink, their life is rough

Day in, day out they struggle for food

I want to feed ’em all, and I would.



  1.   If you could relive a special moment in your past,


         What secret significance would you want forever to last?


I wish for the toys of my youth, 

Fun. Games. Laughter.

Jokes. Treats. Entertainment.

Smiles. Cheers. Merriness

Gone, without a fight. 

Still a silent whisper in the night.


  1.   If a budding writer claims that you’re really wise,


         What wisdom would you like to shower as an advice?


Follow your dream.

Be the lightening thunder.

Take it one at a time and don’t settle

For less.

Just continue to climb.

Don’t lose the sight of your goal.

Reach to the top,

For only on top, we can see the view.

Can we see what we have done; what we can do?

Have the vision to seek something new.

Keep at it and follow your dream.

You’d make butterflies and yourself proud. 

Chase your worth across the skies 

like a kitten forever eating the rotting mice.



  1.   If Trump and Modi ask for your honest opinion, 


        How would you introduce StarWords India to their battalion? 


Pondering wonders you two are, what thoughts be anneal? 

In a world of reality, StarWords is real. 

Real enough to have its own StarWords Pariwaar Awards. 

StarWords got props at its mention ’cause it’s vex worth it.



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