Write a Poem in 10 Minutes!



Well, you must be wondering why this so-serious nerdy is suddenly being all funny. This is not my resolution and I don’t intend to become a stand-up comedian one day. It is just that I am trying to solve your queries in this post. I am going to help you out with writing a poem. So, grab your pen and paper and get ready to write your masterpiece!

Let Your Imagination Flow: 

Before you start writing anything, you must have a clear idea in mind. Several thoughts will cross your mind and you will not be able to decide. Thus, initially, jot down every scenario or theme that is coming to your mind. You can write about love, friendship, your experiences, a story, or your favourite pizza topping! Trust me; as long as you know what to write, you will be able to write a poem.

Choose the Theme: 

I am sure you have plenty of themes in mind. However, if you try to include all of them in your verses, you are doomed. You must select only one main theme while writing the poem. If you ask me which theme is good, I would not be able to answer you that. This is because I might be comfortable writing about love whereas your interest may lie in the field of politics! Only you know which theme you will be able to handle the rest. Thus, instead of going with the trend and writing something mediocre, stay in your comfort zone initially and write something extraordinary.

Write a Brief: 

Do you remember the first time you had written an essay? Your teacher had jotted down some points on the board. That was helpful in order to form the structure, right? Similarly, you must jot down what you want to convey through your poem. Once you do so, you will be able to communicate with your audience.

Choose a Rhyme Scheme and a Form of Poetry:

Once you know what to write, take a look at the various forms of poetry. You can simply Google the same. Go for the one you are comfortable with. If you ask me, I would not go for a haiku. However, many of my author friends love to write a haiku! Therefore, only you can decide what you are good at.

Start Writing:

This is the most interesting part where you actually start composing your poem based on the structure that you have created. Be prepared to scratch it off several times especially if you are a beginner. Reframe your words in the best way possible to follow the chosen rhyme scheme. Use ornaments like similes, metaphors, imageries, and others if you are comfortable. This will enhance your poem.

Proofread Your Work:

Once you have finished writing the poem, you have to read it multiple times. In case you find errors, correct the same immediately. Only after you are satisfied with your work, add the final touches.

Assign a Title: 

This is one of the most important aspects of composing a poem. The title that you assign would decide if the readers are at all interested in reading your work. If you assign a simple yet interesting title, your poem will surely come out well.


I agree that writing a poem isn’t as simple as it sounds. However, if you follow these steps and keep practising, you will definitely be able to compose a poem in 10 minutes very soon!

Good Luck!



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