Top 5 Haunted Places in India


Haunted places are found all around the globe. India too, has many different places which are allegedly ‘haunted’ or ‘possessed’ by a supernatural entity or force.

The myths and stories revolving around these places are quite intriguing, deeply disturbing and equally chilling!

Here, have a look at the Top Five Haunted Places’ you’ll find in India.


  1. Bhangarh, Rajasthan

– The Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort, built in the culturally-thriving state of Rajasthan.

It was constructed by Man Singh I (one of the navratnas who graced King Akbar’s court) and dedicated the magnificent fort to his beloved younger brother Madho Singh I.

The fort was named by Madho Singh after his grandfather ‘Bhan Singh’, hence the name ‘Bhan-garh’ (or Bhan Fort.)

Bhangarh is said to be haunted till date due to the curse casted by Baba Balanath– a mythical magician. Another version of local legend explains it to be haunted as the consequence of a curse deported by a diabolical sorcerer Singhiya.

Bhangarh, despite being partially shattered to ruins, is well preserved. But the premises are completely shunned down from sunset to sunrise in order to discourage and restrict people from entering.

People have repeatedly claimed that the premises are inflicted by high-scale paranormal activity during the ‘unholy’ time span. Thrill-seeking people who have dared to venture in the premises during the night hours have reported to hear unexplainable footsteps, shrieking of a woman and a frequent sense of being watched and followed.

There is a local myth that says- The roofs of all the houses and temples built in the town suddenly came crashing down the instance it was built.


  1. Shaniwarwada, Pune

– Shaniwarwada is an 18th-century fortification in the heart of Pune, which was built in 1732 as central seat to the proud Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire until the year 1818. It stayed a significant strategic symbol until the ‘Third Anglo-Maratha War’ where the Peshwas were brutally defeated by the East India Company (EIC).

Narayanrao’– The rightful heir to the fifth Peshwa throne was mistakenly murdered in the year 1773 by the fort guards following the orders by uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai.

Till this date, on the full moon nights, many people have claimed to hear a wailing scream of “Kaka mala Vachva!” (Uncle, Save me!) Which people believe that it comes from the spirit of young Narayanrao.


  1. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach is nestled along the majestic Arabian sea and is about 13 miles southwest of the glittering state of Surat, Gujarat.

This beach is undoubtedly a serene experience, but it has been labeled by many locals and tourists alike- a haunted spot!

It is well famous for its peculiarity of black sand. It has been alleged by the locals that the beach was once used to be a burial site for the Hindus residing there and hence, because of the increasing amount of ashes left after cremation, it has turned blackish in appearance.

Locals say that, as the day fades out and the night casts in, paranormal activities can be unmistakably sensed and felt. It has been reported that at night, when the moon is high up in the dark sky, one can see the spirits walk the beach.

Even tourists and visitors have heard unexplainable and unforgettable noises. From soft whispers to loud laughter, from white apparitions to moving orbs, there is nothing you couldn’t have wished to see in a spooky spot! Moreover, it has been seriously mentioned that due to the ignorant and daring ventures of some tourists, they’ve gone missing at night!

One can also observe dogs behaving erratically at night. It is said that their howling and barking expresses their discomfort for the supernatural and it can be viewed as a signal of threat and caution for the people strolling in the beach.


  1. Dow Hill, West Bengal

Dow Hill is a small hill station near Darjeeling in Kurseong, West Bengal. Its’ geographical span covers a vast forest which is said to be haunted due to the numerous murders committed there. Local folklore says that a headless boy roams the trails of the forest and follows people.

Dow hill also unravels a century old, Victoria Boys’ School in its lush green slopes, which is said to possessed by the paranormal. People have stated that many ghosts have been sighted in the circle of the school.

Wailings, unexplained footsteps and a disturbing sense of malignancy spans the area of Dow Hill- which is now-you-know-why is considered the most haunted place in the state of West Bengal.


  1. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie


-In the year 1911, a spiritualist named Frances Garnett-Orme was poisoned in this hotel which happens to be an unsolved mystery till this very date!

The gloomy story finds its mention in the crime-queen Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles and in Ruskin Bond’s In a Crystal Ball.

Witnesses have reportedly seen her apparition roaming the premises of the hotel. There also have been incidents where people claim to hear strange noises, shrieks, cracking of floors and a deep sense of malevolence.


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