5 Places in Hyderabad where the Royal Biriyani Rules


Look down, down, a little more and there it is. Marking itself on the south-central of India proudly stands the city of Nizam; Hyderabad.  Besides being the capital of Telangana, it is also known for its richness in culture, heritage, and history. Not to forget, the foooooood. And by that, it means the royal Hyderabadi-Biriyani.

Known as the City of Pearls, it produces something even more valuable: The Hyderabadi-Biriyani! Residents here can trade anything for biriyani. Foodie or no foodie, none can resist its tempting smell that leaves every mouth no choice but to water.  

Biryani is the most famous dish in Hyderabad. Here, no occasion or celebration is counted unless the biriyani is served on everyone’s plater. Check these five top places in Hyderabad where the royal biriyani rules:


  1.    Paradise: World’s Favourite Biriyani

Ah! The biryani here tastes as if prepared in heaven. No wonder why is it called Paradise. It’s the oldest-most and popular food joint. Having set its bricks back in 1953, it has multiple outlets now. Among which the one in Secunderabad is the best. It serves all type of biriyani: fish, prawn, chicken, mutton, and veg. You name it, they have it! People visit here from places far-off and hence it’s crowded almost every time. For the ones who do not like much of spice in their food, Paradise, Secunderabad is calling you.


  1.    Bawarchi: Original as Ever

The name Bawarchi for a restaurant is common in Hyderabad. You can find it at any door. But as they say, “Name alone can’t get you the fame” here’s the proof. Bawarchi at RTC X-Road is the original one whose name has been taken for too many name boards of other restaurants but none could match its biriyani’s authentic taste. With decent ambience and pocket-friendly price, it serves the best biriyani which can make anyone moan as they relish. It’s a must-to-go place for biriyani at least!


  1.    Shadab: Serves a Satisfaction

Shadab Resturant is one of the most loved junction, especially for biriyani. They serve the platter with balanced spices that sustain the original essence of the Hyderabadi-biriyani. The price is reasonable and the quantity is as so that two people could easily eat it one plate and still be full. Though it is well known for all its delicacies, the mutton biriyani here is just heights! With aromatic condiments and tender pieces of mutton, it serves an appetizing dish. You certainly don’t want to miss this! And the cherry on top, it is located near the Charminar. So, now you know where to have your meal the next you visit.


  1.    Shah Ghouse: The Nawab House

This house is a complete meal package. Located in the Old city, it is the oldest-most and hell famous cafe amongst the locals and also tourists. It serves the best biriyani, no doubt, but for a complete meal, you might also want to savour Tangdi kebab and Haleem too. And, if you are missing the Irani Chai here, you are going to regret this lifetime! The owner, in fact, claims that the recipe of the chai hasn’t changed in last 50 years. So, if you ever want to relish the dishes our Nawabs used to, then remember, it’s the Shah Ghouse Café.


  1.    Café Bahar: The True Biryani

Located at Bashirganj, Hyderabad’s this café managed to preserve the true recipe of biriyani till yet. Serving the plate with authenticity and taste, café Bahar is loved by the locals because they prepare it just right. Also, without much strain on the pocket, one can taste the richness of true Biriyani. On top of it, if coupled with Haleem and Qubani Ka Meetha for dessert, you are ought to experience the heaven. Though the ambience isn’t very appealing but savouring such a delightful meal is worth anything.  


Biriyani is the pride of Hyderabadis. The variety you may find in biriyani here is hardly possible in any other cuisines. It’s the love for biriyani that keeps everyone united. Despite being diverse in religion and culture, we all relish the biryani in every occasion.  Be it a Christian, a Hindu or a Muslim festive; biriyani is a must-to-be-dish on the menu.  



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