Top 5 Female Personalities in India


Over the years, women have gained the top positions in almost all institutions of India. Whether it’s in the entertainment industry or social activism or industrial sector, females have managed to conquer the world and nothing could make India prouder than all their accomplishments! While their success and fame are worlds known, some women stand apart from others and they need a special mention. Every woman is special but the list below states the top 5 which you will definitely love!


1-    Priyanka Chopra

PC is a personal favorite of mine. Ever since a young age, I have been deeply influenced by her. Till this date, she is one of the only Bollywood actresses to have gained ample recognition worldwide! She has definitely made India proud of her charitable works and mind-blowing speeches about women empowerment, and of course, how can we forget the enchanting performance she always delivers on the big screen! She has recently won the People’s Choice Award for the Favorite Actress in a new TV series.


2-    Bhakti Sharma  

A rising star in the sport of swimming, Bhakti Sharma is an inspiration for all those girls who desire to pursue their dreams despite all odds. She has conquered all the oceans in the world by her swimming skills which cannot be compared to any other. She stands as Asia’s first woman to swim 1.4 miles in the Antarctic Ocean within 52 minutes! Truly a legend to be admired.


3-    Sania Mirza

Moving onto the field of sports, Sania Mirza no doubt stands as one of the most renowned and reputed tennis players that India has ever produced. She has won a number of singles championships and also Grand Slam Singles. Her decision to play for India despite her marriage to a Pakistani was something admired by many. She stands as one of the most successful women in India in terms of sports and India cannot be prouder of the glory she has brought to the nation.


4-    Kiran Bedi

When talking about influential females, the women of the Indian Police Service cannot be ignored. Though she is retired female officer and joined the Indian Police Service in 1972. She is a social worker and well known for having brought down the number of crimes against women in West Delhi during her service age.


5-    Tessy Thomas

She is also known as the Missile Woman of India as she is India’s first woman scientist to head a missile project. She is the leader of the missile project Agni-IV missile Defense Research and Development Organization. She has inspired many young girls of today with her intellect and shown everyone that women are not less than anybody.


Even though this list is just 5 women long, the endless achievements obtained by Indian women cannot be ignored. They have a strong and fierce mindset, and never let anything get to them. With these strong females in our country, nobody can stop India from excelling.  


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