How Small Businesses Should Hire Their Sales Teams


Nowadays, a majority of the small businesses are failing within just a few years of their inception not because of the services or products they offer or any other services, but due to the lack of sales. This clearly states the importance of sales for a small business. For a small business, hiring a proper sales team is extremely important for its long-term growth. But, it must make sure what kind of sales assistance it needs. In this article, I will let you know what kind of sales team is required for a small business to spread the word about its products or services and to maintain a high level of success.


Below here are few major tips that help a small business hire the right sales team.


Hiring Process

Once a company has made adjustments to its product to achieve the desired performance and is ready with a marketing plan on how to bring that product to market, the business must then add sales representatives. But, a small business needs to hire one or two people instead of bulk recruitment and see if they can generate leads at a constant pace. Salespeople are quite expensive, so hiring too many of them without enough lead generation doesn’t make any sense as business has to spend a large amount of money without gaining anything from it. So, hiring sales representatives unnecessarily can damage a small business at its infant stage.  


When a company starts hiring salespersons, it must make sure it has two kinds of persons in its sales team – one person who can sell and the other who can close. Once the lead generation increases and the company reaches a position where it can financially be ready to scale and provide more services and products, it can start expanding its sales team.


Having a Basic Understanding of Sales

It is a good idea to have a basic understanding of a sales process if you want to hand it over to a sales professional just like it’s good to have an understanding of accounting even though you hire an accountant. Invest some time in knowing your customer and get clear on your sales cycles. Gain knowledge on things like what is the ideal place to reach out to your customers with your marketing message(i.e. social media, phone, or email) and when is the budget’s renewal for the year. Also, create a document which outlines the target customers, existing customers, and buyer personas. This not only enables you to effectively know your sales process but it also can guide your newly hired salesperson.


Being Open and Clear

When you place an ad in the newspaper or meet with a potential salesperson, be clear about what you are seeking. In your newspaper ad, include the words “highly motivated” or “self-starter.” Make them clearly understand your product. It is a waste of time for both of you if you just generalize. Mention properly the type of your business in the ad as there is a chance of salespeople from other kinds of businesses applying to you. Also, state the time of day for contacting you as you do not want them calling during your busiest time. You will find the right salesperson only if you share where your organization is at present and where you want to take it. You must look for an individual who has ideas and confidence about how you can earn more money. He/she must possess experience doing that for past clients or employers. It is even better if they already have contacts in your industry.


Letting Everyone Know

If you are thinking of hiring salespeople, one of the usual ways can be asking people in your professional network. You can check with your friends and family as well. Other ways of finding could be asking your clients and suppliers. Your clients who like your product may be interested in working for you. Few of your suppliers may be in sales and may know of other people who need a shift from their current job. You can also inform your bankers that you are on the lookout for a salesperson. Just explain clearly what you are looking for to your online and offline contacts and you may get a good referral.


Sales profession is a high revenue generating role. So, it must be treated with utmost importance. An organization should always hire salespersons who think of their job as a mission and work productively for generating revenue. It is important that you find a salesperson who love your product as without loving your product, they cannot share their conviction with your clients. When you are hiring salespersons, ask them a lot of questions about different aspects of their job so that you can understand how much skill they possess and you can come to conclusion whether or not to hire them.




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