Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants


Becoming an IAS officer is a dream which several youngsters in our country passionately chase. However, a few succeed. Success in the civil services examinations is not about how hard one works, but about how smart one is in recognizing the right methods for preparation.

Reading the newspaper is a pre-requisite for IAS preparation. Regular reading of the newspaper keeps one abreast with all important global events and broadens views and understanding of various social, political, cultural and environmental aspects.

It is absolutely essential to carefully select the kind of newspapers one decides to go through since optimum utilization of time is the key to strong and effective preparation.

So, here is a list of five most important newspapers which IAS aspirants must give a read, every day:

The Hindu

The Hindu is one of the most respected newspapers in the country with the reputation of doing ‘serious journalism’ and nothing short of that. Hence, most news reports and articles in the Hindu are rich with facts interspersed with intricate details such as dates, numbers, and references. The editorials also mostly focus on extrapolating seemingly simple issues to a larger global context, widening the scope of understanding the depths of every news headline. Most IAS toppers have recommended this newspaper because of the quality content and the lucidity of representation.

The Indian Express

The Indian Express is all about investigative journalism, living up to its motto- ‘Journalism of courage’. Consequently, this newspaper gives its readers not just the news they want to know but the news they ‘must’ know and be aware of. The Indian Express avoids wasting its printing space on scandals and controversies which only attract attention and are of little value. News reports are written most objectively, successfully revealing all sides of the story and highlighting all necessary details, facts, and figures that matter, which most other newspapers fail to do.  It is a newspaper power-packed with good language, seamless reports and delightful and sometimes, very unique editorials on topics which we must, but rarely address.


Deccan Chronicle

It is the largest circulated English newspaper in South India and there are enough reasons for its overwhelming popularity. Extensively detailed reporting, crisp yet informative editorials and a special focus on politics make this newspaper a treat for IAS aspirants. They look for the whole world in a nutshell and Deccan Chronicle fulfills exactly that requirement.


The Times of India

The Times of India is one of the easiest newspapers to follow since every news report is presented in simple language as compared to the previously listed newspapers. Large articles, editorials, and reports are explained through the use of graphs, pie charts and other graphics which help analyse everything not just qualitatively but quantitatively as well.


It is one of the best Hindi dailies in our country. Most IAS qualifiers have strongly recommended this publication for IAS aspirants who will be appearing for the exams in Hindi.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab the subscriptions for these newspapers and begin your preparations in full swing today!



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