Every Day is Valentine’s Day


What is coming? Or what has arrived? It’s the month of love; February! Starting from the seventh day to fourteen, people in love celebrate this month. Rose day, Chocolate day, hug day, teddy day and whatnot! And finally, the most awaited Valentine’s Day.

But why is it that love is celebrated only on 14th February? Why just one day! Here are a few reasons to celebrate love every day:


  1.    Love has no limit- A ray (→❤→)

It’s the opening statement in the defence of love. So, when love is unlimited, how can its celebration be the opposite? Just by buying gifts or going for a romantic date you can’t show your love. Love is the sky; limitless, and its variations can’t be portrayed just in a day.

Also, rituals like popping the bottle must not be limited to romantic love alone. Every love deserves an equal amount of attention, right from parents to the pets.


  1.  Love needs no fancy gifts (♦ ≠ ❤)

Apparently, Valentine’s Day is a way to express one’s love, agreed! But won’t your partner appreciate this love more if these gestures are shown every day?

Love needs no fancy gifts. A diamond set can’t woo her, it’s rather standard. Instead, a warm good-morning hug, soft kisses, morning walks etc., are the things she craves. So, go on adventures together, travel; take her on tours, picnics, long drives etc. However, these things must be done at regular intervals, not just once in a blue moon. So, let the sun of your love shine brightly every day.


  1. Love is beyond anything (❤ = ∞)

Isn’t that true? Indeed. Be it age, sex, caste, creed or race nothing could restrain love from loving. Then why should February 14th set the boundaries? Celebrate love daily; have at least two meals a day together, enjoy Netflix shows, talk about each other’s day and cherish each and every moment spent together.

Such small gestures are enough to convey your love for them; exchange of words is hardly required. Love is beyond any language, date or day.


  1. Love is undefined (❤ = tan 90°)

It is an emotion or a feeling that can’t be put down into words. Often, the definition of love varies with the experiences attached. The ones who tasted betrayal believes that eternal love is a myth while the lucky ones say it’s a bliss.

So, when love can’t be limited to any standard verbose then why should its celebration be so usual and predictable? You need to think out of the box, and must ignite the fire of love when least expected with a “Surprise!”


  1. Love needs no big day (❤ > ☀)

In love, every day is big enough. Every moment spent with that special someone is exceptional. Every memory is beautiful and rightfully yours.  

People often think that Valentine’s Day is the right time to expose your feeling. But no, other days are equally right. In fact, proposing on any day and marking that day as your own and exclusive Valentine’s Day is so breakthrough.


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