Count to infinity, still, one excuse will be left,
Expect them to listen but they’ll turn deaf;
Bullets hit you no matter how fast you are,
Make a difference in how long you’ll last.
Comrades, come and go, stay true to the end,
Hit the clock hard, make it clear to the eternity.
Try hard, but they can’t fail you, and you,
Won’t be dragged down by the gravity.

Different are people, so are their perspectives,
Why not let them say whatever they wish?
In the end, it’s your decision, and your call,
To make your choices to rise high or fall.
With everything I see, coming my way,
It’s definitely not me in the wrong lane.
It’s them trying to get the best of me,
Won’t be dragged down by the gravity.

Long time no see they do fail to recognize,
Me with my muscles and a sudden rise,
To power, my yesterday was burnt hollow;
I rise from the ashes to a golden tomorrow.
Pushing hard the wall, won’t budge it an inch,
They are laughing loud, making a joke of me;
I carry on, long with my so-called insanity,
Won’t be dragged down by the gravity.

In this dark world, indeed mercy is priceless.
Life is short and it’s just a matter of few days,
before you find yourself at the judgment;
There are tons who wish to spoil your lay.
Turn sober but I keep my eyes, wide peeled,
At least, I’ll see who’s trying to seek enmity;
No gears; with bare hands, I’ll climb free,
Won’t be dragged down by the gravity.

True, whatever goes up, sure comes down,
But it’s them, giving in to the imminent frown;
Don’t you promise but you must hope for it,
You’ll surely make the way it’s supposed to be.
Morrow is unclaimed, then we might not exist,
Anymore, but we believe strongly in the posterity.
They will rise from the deep slumber and;
Won’t be dragged down by the gravity.


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