Editorial Note – On StarWords India



Screeches bellow down my ears –

I wake up to a deafening cry

As the pain shoots down my veins like a sharp spear

To remind me of the lost identity. I need to try


To get back my thoughts in place,

To not be a slave in the world

That demands me to sell off my talented mace

And shackles my creativity from getting unfurled.


Alone, my shackles are way too loose;

But every time I try to break free,

Profession and passion make me choose

Between them – And I worship passion as my scared tree.


Risking my comfort I tread the road

Filled with the thorny gazes of social norms,

But I want to live – I want to shed off the load

And pursue my passion breaking traditional reforms.


Words are meaningless if actions don’t speak,

But who would hear my feeble voice out?

So, I buckle up today to reach the peak

And give out a fearless shout.


Oblivious I’m not that I’m joined by many,

But I gather my warriors in oblivion

And establish StarWords India without a penny

And stand out as an entrepreneur hoping to make a billion.


Rounak Bose is our Designing Head

And he is a designer with an insight

That flourishes with Sushmita Mandal’s help, our Editorial Head,

Who’s trying to bring out the beauty of light.


Dreadful I am not as I feel at bliss

Reading the wise words hidden in the laughter

Of my dear friend’s “Because You Need This” –

Yes, it’s Nikhil Shrivastava, the Left-Handed Author.


Slowly but steadily, I live my dream and shun my pain,

Where I’m a published author who can sing

From the core of her heart in “Dance in the Rain”

While awaiting the rhythm hiding in the “Melodies of Spring”.


Shreya Dutta is the Founder & Creative Head of StarWords India and the author of “Dance in the Rain”. She is an engineer by qualification and a writer by passion. Years ago, when little girls were jotting down their bucket list, Shreya was lost in her dreamland in which she was immortal. Dutta had started off writing at an early age because she believed that writing not only helped her to voice her opinion but also led her closer to immortality. With every write-up that gets published, Shreya believes that she gets embedded in the pages of history to inspire the youngsters who dream likewise. Writing is not just her passion; it is her way of taking the road less travelled.

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