Editorial Note – On StarWords India



Screeches bellow down my ears –

I wake up to a deafening cry

As the pain shoots down my veins like a sharp spear

To remind me of the lost identity. I need to try


To get back my thoughts in place,

To not be a slave in the world

That demands me to sell off my talented mace

And shackles my creativity from getting unfurled.


Alone, my shackles are way too loose;

But every time I try to break free,

Profession and passion make me choose

Between them – And I worship passion as my scared tree.


Risking my comfort I tread the road

Filled with the thorny gazes of social norms,

But I want to live – I want to shed off the load

And pursue my passion breaking traditional reforms.


Words are meaningless if actions don’t speak,

But who would hear my feeble voice out?

So, I buckle up today to reach the peak

And give out a fearless shout.


Oblivious I’m not that I’m joined by many,

But I gather my warriors in oblivion

And establish StarWords India without a penny

And stand out as an entrepreneur hoping to make a billion.


Rounak Bose is our Designing Head

And he is a designer with an insight

That flourishes with Sushmita Mandal’s help, our Editorial Head,

Who’s trying to bring out the beauty of light.


Dreadful I am not as I feel at bliss

Reading the wise words hidden in the laughter

Of my dear friend’s “Because You Need This” –

Yes, it’s Nikhil Shrivastava, the Left-Handed Author.


Slowly but steadily, I live my dream and shun my pain,

Where I’m a published author who can sing

From the core of her heart in “Dance in the Rain”

While awaiting the rhythm hiding in the “Melodies of Spring”.


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