By Jayashree Pillai

It begins with a little thought ,
A surmise or the germ of a notion
That finds its way through words
Into the waiting minds
Of willing listeners.
A splash of colour is added
To paint a little picture
That becomes a little more
Than an exaggeration
Of the actual truth.
And so it floats along
From cushioned couches
To coffee tables;
Across borders
And oceans
To lands far beyond.
A little truth magnified beyond limits
To become something of an untruth.

About the author:

Jayashree Pillai is a teacher of English and loves writing. She spends a lot of time weaving little thoughts about life and its intricacies, and penning them down. Thoughts spring up in just about any situation and translate themselves into the written word. As a teacher, she tries to inculcate in her students a love for the written word.


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