The Night We Departed


– By Monoswita Biswas

It was a full moon night,
A lovely night it was!
Enchanted by the gentle light of moon,
Slowly we walked;
As we walked a deep dark fear kept knocking loud,
If, tonight I lose her,
“Where should she be found?”
My dearest in the moonlit night looks like an angle bright,
Soft serene and sweet she is.
The moonlight fades,
Begins the morn:
A morn which brings new hopes in our hearts.
Departed shall we be,
No hopes do I have now
For she will love not me.
Today in this morn married shall she be;
With a heavy heart I bid good bye to her.
Departed, there never we met again;
Wished the night was long.

About the Author:

Monoswita Biswas acclaims herself to be an animal lover. Books have always been successful in filling the voids of her life. Being an English graduate, she sits down to pen her poems whenever possible. Writing is just not a mode of expression for her but an eternal redemption.


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