– By Debadrita Bhaduri

Some flowers are there that bloom every night,
Two young birds hold each other tight.
In a blossom laid swing sat she with her man,
Her head on his chest, his arms round her.
Every night she came , hiding from her mother;
Every night she went to her Shyam:
Abhisharika, she was called in Gokuldham.
The notes of his flute hypnotised her,
Leaving her lagging work she would run afar.
Blamed she was for her love;
Hated she was for her deeds.
Her love was true , and she a devotee
Yet she was cheated, left alone.
Left alone to this inhumane world who made her infamous;
But never came that white dove
Who would have given her the respect she needs.
Her secret meeting no longer held
Flowers bloomed ,but none plucked;
The swing did swung, only when the wind blew.
The golden cage lay aside but the love birds flew.
Hundreds of years passed by-
Abhisharika became eternal.
Even now, every night the conquest takes place
In nooks and corners of Gokul,
Abhisharika in her abhishar:
Searching her love!
Searching the peace truce!
Searching the white dove!

About the author:

Debadrita Bhaduri destined herself to be an electrically engineering student, but couldn’t part her soul away from the poetic essence of life. She muses her words out of her sad and solace thoughts to churn them into a medicine for her readers.


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