Secure Your Phone and Cash in a Single Wallet!


Most of the ladies are seen complaining that they cannot keep their cellphones secured in their wallets. Yes, it is true that not all wallets can give you the provision to carry your phone. However, the Urby wallets for women did surprise me with their all-in-one package! Here’s why you should buy it.

Brilliant Quality and Finish: Urby is a brand that needs no clarification when it comes to manufacturing genuine leather products. As always, they have crafted this leather wallet (Zippy Phone Wallet) with utmost care. The exterior has a perfect matte finish but glows with elegance because of the rich quality of leather used. The colour is bright and soothing at the same time making it perfect for use during both the day and night.


Slim Hold: The Zippy Phone Wallet is surprisingly a thin one considering it holds my phone, cards, and cash. It is very easy to carry, therefore. It can also be kept in a corner of your handbag when traveling light.

Roomy Interiors: The Zippy Phone Wallet for women comes with a fair-sized pocket. Not only your phone, you can also store a phablet in it. There are 6 card slots and 2 currency slots as well. Though the wallet lacks a coin pocket, it is still a great choice considering the sufficient space available along with a thin look. Moreover, because the wallet it zipped up, you can still store a few coins in one of the slots in case you have to. You can also keep your passport and air tickets safe in the wallet while traveling.


Detachable Wrist Strap: The wallet has a detachable wrist strap that makes it look even more elegant. You can flaunt your wallet with the wallet hanging from your wrist.

Customisation: Urby also gives you the chance of getting the wallet customised. They have carved my name in golden and that’s what makes this wallet so special to me.

Affordable Price: Priced at INR 1995, as a genuine leather wallet for women, the Zippy Phone Wallet is a perfect buy!


Swift Delivery: Urby had delivered this wallet to me in 3 days only! Thus, you can make out how swift they are with their deliveries.

Urby is a brand that has yet again won my heart. I was a fan of their passport holders previously and I have to add the leather wallets to my list. In fact, I love the wallet so much that I am planning to explore the men’s wallets’ collection on their website to give my best friend a surprise on his birthday!


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