Death: An Alleviation


-By Arpita Singh

He slapped me for one last time;
No sooner did the pain engulf me, than it evaded out.
Darkness encompassed my senses,
My body fell to the ground with a shudder;
I could see the blood oozing out of my head,
But not for long as my vision blurred.
I felt I was being dragged,
Then hurled onto a surface cold, and damp, and soothing.
Something was casted upon me,
With every passing moment it turned heavier.
After a stretch, I realized I was buried
Beneath the layers of hypocrisy, hatred and heartlessness.
In my little grave I laid still,
Catching the last possible breaths of my life.

Advancing towards death at a slow pace,
I kept on reminiscing:
How long back when I was a bud ready to bloom
I had to let go of all the innocence!
The very tender age of mine bestowed it upon me.
How my parents traded me for gratifying their conscience!
Their girl was hitched to someone’s wagon;
The girl’s consent was not even a concern.
How I was coerced by a man I had never known!
All for the sake of his manhood deep inside I’ll hold.
How I was being inhumanly desecrated!
I was so frail to endure all of it.

I wish I had rebelled in the very beginning;
Should have stood for myself and fought the odds as I did today.
I was always aware of how it would end,
It’s just…I could have averted all the pain, misery, and sufferings
That I had to submit myself to throughout the way.

About the Author:

Arpita Singh is a straight forward girl, who draws the inspiration for her writing from every small corner of the world around her. She is a medical aspirant and wants to become a cancer-specialist in the future. She hopes to influence the minds of millions with the help of her words. She herself has witnessed a lot of sexism on her personal basis and wishes to play a part in the fight against injustice inflicted on women.


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