Oft do I brood


– By Gloria Poulami Singh

Oft do I brood,
I believe I should;
As to who am I?
I stare up at the broad sky;
I refrain from engaging into fairy tales,
And forever with my success soar and fly.
In requirement of getting acquainted with my mission,
I’d love to have a vision
Which would come from above
Portraying how wonderful is God’s love.

In the menacing exquisiteness of doom,
The bliss turns out to be the cropper of gloom.

But still after receiving much of life,
I asked to myself who am I?
Does everything ends when I die?
Does all the relevance wash away?
Or even after doom it stays through night and day?
My mind finally answered me:
I’m a thought, a beautiful thought
Which never ever goes even after doom.
It is a flower which rejuvenates all former glooms,
And relives eternally
Not bodily
But even after death I prevail spiritually.

About the Author:

For Gloria Poulami Singh, writing is breathing. She focuses only on the bitter truth of life but in a more amusing manner while also giving a bunch of solutions to her readers through her poems. She comes from a lower middle class family of Kolkata, west Bengal, embedded with simplicity and also implies the genre of simplicity in her writing.


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