– By Vansheeka Chandra Verma

There, I found him,
An atlas of ancient pathways
Etched in a traveller eyes
Almost making the emptiness
In them, my home.
He hunted down the wolves
Just to tame them for me;
And when I burned down the forest,
He played with the fire
And kissed me in the shadows.

We fell in the ashes
Of the beautiful histories,
Stuck in the moon
Along with the castles silvered.
The world became his only hue of love;
He stuck his rose petals on my lips
And I let him.

Just to realize the next morning
That he has melted away
Into all those pathways his eyes roamed.
And I was left with an empty palace,
A heart full and a crown
That will neither be worn
Nor be tarnished.

About the Author:

Vansheeka Chandra Verma is currently pursuing her graduation in English Honours. Always been attracted to the dark side of life, it clearly shows in her writing as it’s dripping cynicism. She pens down her thoughts in ink to let the world know that darkness isn’t something to run away from but to embrace in order to appreciate the life even more.


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