The Real Meaning of Life


– Nishan Ranjan Ghosh

After a long exile from happiness,
I’ve received the real meaning of life.
Getting freedom from menaces on this dawn,
In my relevance I’m writing a sonnet.
It’s important to keep mind in endurance,
For everything you have to retrieve.
In all death and birth is common.
In this two boundaries life is gladded with colours like a Painter’s palette.

Life is adorns with the experience of fair and foul.
Life is like a violin depicting the stages of you in its strings.
And your perspective is the bow, play the immense music.
Be corrected by the pain, don’t howl.
Keep smiling when you fall down, don’t cringe.
Keep thinking to realise the life which is elusive.

About the author-

Nishan Ranjan Ghosh is currently pursuing his education from Techno India University. Despite being an engineering student, his love for literature has not been comprised. Creativity gives him an independent way for the framing of his inner happiness. His poems are largely based on simple life’s complex questions.


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